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Sacred Self-Healing


ARE YOU READY TO HEAL ON A DEEP, PERSONAL, AND EMOTIONAL LEVEL? ARE YOU READY TO RE-WRITE YOUR STORY AND LET GO OF THE PAST? IF SO, THEN IT’S TIME TO JOURNEY, BUT I’M WARNING YOU IT’S GOING TO BE AN INTENSE ONE. DON’T WORRY, YOUR INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM WILL BE ALONGSIDE YOU THE ENTIRE TIME. IN FACT, YOU’RE GOING TO BE WORKING WITH THEM DIRECTLY! This Sacred Self-Healing Intensive Journey will be 6 weeks long. It will help you cultivate a deeper connection with your higher self, your spirit guides, and even your inner child. Through the building blocks of these relationships with your inner-guidance system, you will start to feel the healing inward and see the changes reflected outward. Your inner-guidance system will walk you through what needs to be healed the most so that you can rewrite your story, determine patterns throughout life that have kept you stuck, and learn to love yourself in ways you never thought possible.  This healing journey will be a series of LIVE Recorded calls with Intuitive Coach and Psychic Medium Ashley Strong. You will learn about each aspect of your spirit team. You will do intensive healing work lead by Ashley and your inner-guidance system. You will work to heal and break through blocks like never before. Throughout the 6-weeks, Ashley will share her personal experiences of inner and emotional healing so that you can see how working with the hidden pieces of you can change your life for the better.

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