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Chakras 101


An all-inclusive chakra video course to help you understand, balance, activate, and work with your chakras! What you will receive! - Introduction To The Chakra System Video - The Science To Back It All Up Video (to add some actual research to back up the “woo-woo”) - 7 Chakra Videos Each Containing - The chakras functionality - How that chakra corresponds to the physical body - How to know if that chakra is blocked - How to know if the chakra is overactive - Crystals and stones that connect with each chakra - Exercises (including specific yoga poses and mantras) to work with that chakra - One full length guided meditation to cleanse, activate, and all 7 chakras! - A 13-page course guide complete with lesson notes and course outline! You need this course if you’ve felt off-balance and you aren’t sure why. This course will help you to understand your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies better while giving you the tools to have them all work together. If you want to learn about the chakras and actually have them help you both in everyday life and your spiritual practice I invite you to get started today!

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