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Mission Manifest, Exclusive Offer EYF Members


This course is a combination of my most potent manifestation and Law of Attraction videos. It covers everything from the science behind the Law of Attraction to what actually makes the Law of Attraction work! I am even going, to be honest with you about how fast it will work, how well it will work, and why sometimes it doesn’t work. Then we are going to shift into a vibration that allows us to be in a constant receptive mode! Are you with me? Yes YES! Mission Manifest is the BEST Law of Attraction Course! Here is what you will get: 11 videos plus 3 bonus videos! 14 videos in total! - You’re going to learn all about The Law Of Attraction. - How to manifest! - How to create and actually get your vision board to work for you. - Why you might not be manifesting and how to change that! - A clear understanding of affirmations and violations, how to use them and why they work - How to magnify your intentions! - Plus an exclusive video using my personal formula for how I manifest step by step!

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