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Your Ancestors Are Closer Than You Think!

Your ancestors might be closer to you thank you think!

Is it possible for an ancestor you’ve never met to show up when you’re getting a reading, meditating, or asking for guidance? The answer is yes! Though you may have never met your ancestors in this lifetime they still play a significant role in your life. In fact, your ancestors are closer than you might think!

Long before I learned to work with my intuitive gifts I would see a man both internally and externally. He always appeared to me as black and white like an old photograph. He seemed to be from an era before my time and was often hanging around in my grandmother’s living room. (And when I was out doing things I shouldn’t have been doing 🙂 )  

He had a tendency to show up more frequently when I was hanging out with my aunt on my mother’s side. She is and always has been one of the closest people to me. She knows everything about me and even knew that I could see spirit long before I recognized that it was a thing.

This man kept appearing to me over and over again one night while she and I were hanging out at my deceased grandmother’s house. I guess I must have been looking right at him because she finally spoke up and said:

“What do you keep looking at over there? I don’t see anything!”

I was nervous to tell her, but I did. She didn’t look surprised at all and told me that it sounded like it could be my grandmother’s brother. He had passed when he was 14 years old and would have been about the age I was describing at the time. The only pictures we have of him are in black and white when he was a child.

So why do these people that we have never met seem to show up in our lives and in our sessions?

Our ancestors are still connected to us both genetically and energetically. They are still our family and they still care for us. As a spirit we know them; as a human, they help us through life acting as a type of guide.

When you’re open to receiving spiritual guidance from your spirit team, this also includes your ancestors. Many people are surprised when a grandfather they never knew or a biological parent shows up to a reading. These ancestors show up to help you through life, to show you your roots, and to help support you through karmic and familial situations.

They love you and support you just as much as the rest of your spirit team and family here on Earth does. And if you work with them, you might just find that your ancestors can teach you a thing or two about yourself and your lineage!

If you’ve had an ancestor appear during a mediumship reading or meditation start asking around and break out your grandparents’ old photo albums. There is sure to be some interesting finds and significant validations!

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