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You’re Not Actually Talking To Spirit! Must Read!

You’re Not Actually Receiving Spirit’s Messages! 

Lately, the majority of my energy has gone into private coaching instead of creating and writing. I’ve felt called to channel more, learn more, and grow more, both in my spiritual practice and as a coach. If I am not my best, how can I be my best for my clients, family, and friends? If I don’t fill my cup, I am, in turn, doing a disservice to all of those I love and who love me! (Adopt this message and live by it, it’s a game-changer, I promise!)

So, instead of writing as much, lately, I’ve been observing and absorbing! My spirit team calls it a transformational phase and I’m here for it! 

During a private coaching session on Thursday, my client was struggling with meditation and receiving guidance from her spirit team. She had taken my Intuitive Development Course and loved it. The course benefited her in so many ways, yet she still felt a bit stuck with actually trusting that she could receive intuitive guidance for herself. This doubt then spilled over to her meditation practice and so on. 

Spirit was around and she could feel them – she trusted them. They were on the other side of the door, but she essentially couldn’t find the “key.”

During private coaching, it’s usually your spirit team that provides the guidance I just channel it to you. That is what makes my coaching different: It’s intuitively led by your spirit team, which is why we get to such deep layers and actually have lasting transformation. They are doing the coaching; I am basically just there to translate. 

I was telling her how she had to raise her vibration and spirit had to lower theirs to establish a connection. We had also established that, in order to receive, she had to know that she was worthy of the guidance she desired (just like when we want to manifest something).

To find her worthiness, she had to get closer to her higher self. Still, she kept feeling like there was a specific “issue” with meditation or that there was something SHE was doing that was holding her back. 

While I was providing the messages and guidance from her team about trusting herself and getting closer with her higher self, her team stopped me in my tracks. 

“Tell it to her like this: She thinks she is the issue or that she is doing something wrong. She is not doing anything wrong. She isn’t the one who connects with us! Her higher self, her spirit is the one that connects to us. The human is not who connects with us. Establish a connection with the higher self and the guidance will come.”

We both were stunned. They put it so clearly and so perfectly. While I’ve known for a long time that I am not the one that receives the messages, I never thought about it like that. Our higher self receives and delivers the guidance! 

Call it your spirit, your inner guidance system, or whatever you want but the highest part of you is how you connect to spirit! 

If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, of COURSE it’s hard to have a clear connection with your spirit team! Of course! (I can teach you how!)

I am so grateful for this session because it reminded me of a very specific time where I was guided to do healing work on myself. I always knew that after that one session is when the doors of my intuition flew open, but I attributed it specifically to clearing emotional space and raising my vibration. 

What I really did was acknowledge myself, establish a relationship with my spirit, and give myself permission to accept and release past hurts. By doing this, I met my true self for the first time, I realized how much I deserved love from myself, and I finally, in that moment, established a bond with myself that I had never had before. 

That is why my intuition expanded and my mediumship gifts became apparent. It was because I chose to look deep, heal, and meet who was hiding in the depths of my pain and conditioning.

I set her free and then she set me free. Life has never looked the same since. 

The you that is the you you know isn’t connecting to spirit. Your spirit is connecting to spirit. Meeting yourself = meeting your spirit team. 

Want to learn how to meet, heal, and go deeper within yourself? Want to learn to develop your intuition? Desire to uplevel your life or career? The direction and guidance specific to you is available through your spirit team. I am now accepting private clients for early summer! The “right time” to invest in yourself is right now! Life isn’t too busy…that’s just a story you tell yourself! 

Talk soon, loves! 


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