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Why We Need To Thank Our Ego

Why we need to thank our ego.

Ahhh the ego, it gets such a bad wrap ya know? Always getting blamed for something, am I right? Since we are such light-loving individuals, what if instead of condemning our ego, we gave it a break and looked at it from a different perspective? After all, everything in life is about perspective, right?

Did you ever think that your lilol’ ego was just trying to protect ya? Huh, well did ya?

Ok, so sometimes it can be a jerk, like when it’s telling you-you’re not pretty enough or good enough. If you read between the lines though, all it is really trying to do is keep you safe. There is safety in comfort…even if that “comfort” is highly uncomfortable.

The ego wants you to stay right where you are because you’re familiar with that space. This is why it will tell you “No, no, no. Don’t even apply for that job, you will never get it.” More famous words from the ego? “Girl you are too old to be wearing that dress. You’re just going to feel like a blob when a younger and skinnier version of you walks in. Put those jeans and that mom top back on…much safer!”

Ok, so I can see whyyyyy the ego gets a bad wrap. Why not heal your relationship with the ego just like you would anyone else in your life? We send people love when they hurt us…we work to forgive them and then if we need to, we distance ourselves from them. All of the above heals everyone involved and the situation, the same concept can apply to the ego.

Your ego is coming from a protective space. It does not like change and it does not like to be uncomfortable. It does, however, loveeee to creep up when we are at your most vulnerable.

We can thank our ego for trying to keep us out of harm’s way. However, it is important to remind it that we get to move forward and that staying where we are will just leave us feeling left out, sad, and with way too many “what if’s”.

Things You Can Say To Your Ego To Keep It Quiet!

“Hey ego, I hear ya. Thank you for your input and thanks for trying to keep me from feeling embarrassed. I think that putting myself out there is a good thing though. It’s great to try new things and if it doesn’t go as planned, that is ok. It would be more harmful for me to always wonder “what if” than to have tried and failed. You can go ahead and step back now, I’m sending you away with love.”“Thanks for the input on the dress ego but I’ve got this. I love who I am both inside and out and I am comfortable in my skin. P.S. – this dress makes me look hawt so go ahead and step back now.”“Ego you’re so fearful. I’m sending love to you so that you can begin to heal that. I, however, can live in fear no more. I know that I am supported by the divine and therefore I am safe in whatever endeavors I choose”

Of course, you would tailor these to your own individual needs but I think you get the point right? The ego is fear based and therefore will say whatever it can to “protect” and keep us where we are. It may feel silly to talk to your ego but it really works.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! If you want help healing your relationship with your ego, your higher-self, or working with the law of attraction it might be time to think about working with a mentor!

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