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What Is The Real Reason Behind Mediumship? Is It Just For Show?

When I sat down to write this article I asked my guides to step in and help as I so often do when I’m feeling a bit blocked. I had a particular topic in mind but it seems they wanted to take it in a different direction. Today we won’t be talking about space clearing as I had planned but instead about mediumship and what it’s all about. What is Mediumship really?

Mediumship is more than being able to accurately identify someone’s deceased loved one by name. It’s more than seeing images and hearing messages. Mediumship is a gift that comes with much responsibility and it shouldn’t be taken lightly or as an act of entertainment.

The gift of mediumship dates back far beyond the biblical text. Throughout the ages, mediumship has manifested in different ways such as prophecies, visions, energetic healing, and of course psychic readings.

Mediumship was never meant to be a talent or a form of entertainment. Even though throughout the centuries and decades it has turned into such.

Though we are all mediums in some way it appears to us at different stages of life. When we are ready and willing to accept it. Often times this is after a big life change or traumatic event. These gifts are uprooted first as healing for the medium and then for the medium to assist in another’s healing.

The great prophets and visionaries of the times were here to help people understand new ideas and possibilities. I’m sure it was not easy to stray from the crowd especially in the days of public defamation. A voice within them needed to be heard and they trusted it!

Those messages were not always well received. They weren’t usually looked upon as the healers and the ones trying to save their fellow man. Oftentimes when prophecies became truths the seers were found to blame. As if they had been the ones to place a curse on their village.

Today much has changed. We are no longer being burned at the stake for delivering intuitive guidance and messages from beyond. Some of us are even being embraced by those seeking divine messages and healing words.

The image I keep getting is an old library, much like the akashic records. I keep seeing a picture of ancient texts opening and the pages flying about. The message behind this seems to be “go back in the vaults.” Meaning, the truth is already there.

Mediums aren’t giving you anything that you don’t already hold within your own library. We ourselves started this journey to discover who it is that we really are. To me, it makes sense – this imagery.

To be a medium is to know your own truth, past truths, and the truth that comes from the divine. The truth is already there, it’s already been written.

When we identify your grandmother and the smell of her gingerbread cookies this is a truth that has already been born. The reason your grandmother brought this to us was to help you identify her in hopes that you will be receptive and embrace the healing messages brought forth. You are far more likely to listen to someone you already know VS some lady with a “crystal ball.” Especially if she told you some things about yourself you needed to be working on.

Mediumship isn’t for show – it’s for healing.

First, mediums are shown what they need to see to be able to accept who they are. Next, we learn about who and what we are – thus healing ourselves. Then, from there we can help others heal.

Mediumship is not only a gift but also a responsibility. Use it wisely, use it to heal, and don’t make a mockery out of the rest of us by using yourself as a one-man circus act.

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