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What Is An Armor Spirit Guide?

What is an armor spirit guide?

What if I told you that you had an invisible support system and that you could call on them for anything? If I told you that you had someone watching your back and acting as your personal bodyguard, would you believe me? We all have many spirit guides, and one of those guides is your armor spirit guide. This spirit guide is also known as a gatekeeper or protector guide. 

What does an armor spirit guide do?

Your armor spirit guide acts as your personal bouncer, especially when it comes to energetic exchange. When you call on this guide, it will protect your energy from spirits you don’t want to work with and energy vampires. As an empath, this guide will help you to seal and protect your aura to keep you from taking on other people’s energy! 

Your armor guide loves to protect you and will only allow in the energy that you want to work with! 

When I am giving mediumship readings, I will often encounter many spirits at once who all want to talk at once. Too many spirits talking at once makes it very confusing for me to decipher which message is coming from who. I call on my armor guide to enforce strict boundaries for spirit, only allowing one spirit to step through at a time.  My armor guide is there for protection during the session! Once I ask for his help, I will see him standing behind me with a red rope you know the kind they use at bars and movie theaters to keep the lines at bay? Then I will see him open that line and allow the spirit or “spokesperson” through that I will be connecting with. 

I call on my armor guide mostly during mediumship readings, but you can call on yours anytime! 

  1. When you go into crowds or a grocery store.

  2. If you feel someone tapping into your energy and you don’t want them to! 

  3. When you’re feeling unsettled or unsafe in any situation. 

  4. If you’re walking alone and feel like you need a little protection! 

  5. Call on this spirit guide during meditation, readings, or any time you’re opening yourself up to spirit! 

  6. People who have consistent nightmares can call on this guide (and their angels) to keep anything negative out of their dreams!

  7. Call on your armor guide while driving or traveling. 

  8. If you’re a very unmanaged empath, start working with this spirit guide consistently to build a strong foundation of empathic protection! 

Call on this guide anytime you’re feeling unsettled, uneasy, or just feel like you could use a little extra armor! You don’t have to hear or see your armor guide to know they are there, but like all members of your spirit team, it certainly helps to invite them in! As you invite your spirit guides in, they will be more prevalent in your life and thus more manageable for you to recognize over time!

Armor guides vary in how they appear and how they feel. 

Remember, spirit can appear however they want because they are energy. Your spirit guides will often appear to you in a way that you will be accepting of and receptive to! If you’re still iffy about working with spirit, your guide certainly won’t show up in a way that will make you feel uncomfortable. 

My first armor guide’s name was David, and I LOVED HIM! He appeared to me clairvoyantly and connected with my clairaudiently. Honestly, it was the most effortless and most fluid relationship with a single spirit guide I have had to date. David looked around 30, had a reddish beard, and wore a crown like a king. Why? I have no clue, but I was very new to mediumship, and it was a funny sight, so perhaps that was to make me feel more comfortable.  As I began doing more and more readings, David told me that I needed stronger protection. He told me his job with me was done and that someone new was taking his place. 

That was the first time I felt a spirit guide leave my side. 

You see, some spirit guides stay with us from the time we are born until the time we transition back to spirit. Others come to us for the season that we need them, and once our lesson is learned, they go on their way. In this case, I had outgrown David. I needed someone with big energy to help me manage the readings and coaching I was going to be doing moving forward. 

My new guide was a very different energy one that luckily I had been warned about, or I might have blocked him out! He is a big energy, heavy, and generally appears as a shadow but not a bad one. You know how when a giant cloud moves overhead, and you can see the shadow of it and sense a change in energy? That is what my armor guide feels like! 

He doesn’t generally talk to me or give me many visuals. My armor guide is around for my protection and has a job to do! 

I know he is around because I feel him as soon as I call on him every single time. There is nothing fancy, no lights or messages just an energetic shift and a knowing. Armor guides are special and do us an excellent service! Call on yours for protection at any time! 

Remember, they may not feel all light and airy (or they may). Your armor guide has a special job to do, and that is to keep you safe! So they may actually feel like a big burly bouncer, and that is perfectly okay! 

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And if you’re ready and up for the challenge, I invite you to get more connected with your spirit team through the suggestions below.

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