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Trusting In God’s Plan | How I Turned My Fears Into Trust

Trust, it’s a topic and a word that many shy away from. We’ve all made mistakes and we’ve all had our trust broken at some point or another. They say that trust is the hardest thing to get back and I was never too great at the whole trusting thing.

I had to start trusting or I wasn’t going to get very far as an intuitive. In this business – in this gig – trust is everything.

You must learn to trust the messages you are given and the feelings you get. Trusting that your spirit guides will keep you safe helps remove the barriers between fear and your gifts!

Learning to trust your intuition is incredibly freeing! You must also learn to trust in yourself. So many of us steer away from relationships, encounters, and even endeavors out of fear…which often stems from a lack of trust.

See, this is how it all works, it’s part of the oneness. It’s all connected – everything! Just like we are all connected to each other and to Source so too is our intuition and our physical world. One giant circle.

It’s not an easy process but it can be done – learning to trust your intuition.

When I left my safe corporate job you bet your boots that I had no other choice but to trust. I had a steady paycheck every week and I was leaving that to pursue a career as a professional psychic medium. I mean come on…scary as sh*t

There were two main people I had to convince to trust in me and my business before I could make the leap. My husband…and myself.

It was the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken. Trusting like that was hard so I put all the weight on spirit. Why – you ask? Because they can handle it and in fact, they encourage it!

Every day I would say to the universe “I trust you guys…I really really do…I know it’s all going to be ok!” I affirmed this even when I didn’t believe it. In my heaviest moments of self-doubt, I shouted to the universe that I trusted it. I told my guides I knew that they had a plan and that I trusted everything would be handled.

I told myself “they got it just keep going”.

It was always right after those moments of feeling like I was about to fall off the cliff that someone would grab my hand and pull me back. They were showing me that I was safe. Reassuring me that while I was being tested, my trust in them was the only safety net I needed.

I put my faith in something completely outside of myself. It was intangible and unseen but still, I felt supported. I had no other choice but to trust. Trust in the universe and in myself.

Building that bond with spirit and being shown that trusting and loving is much easier than resisting allowed me to start trusting in other people.

This doesn’t mean I share with them every dirty little detail of my life. In fact, I’m more reserved than ever. I’m not sure if that comes from maturity or intuition but I like to think it’s a bit of both.

Learning discernment with spirit has also taught me discernment with people. Thus keeping me away from those who do not serve me and allowing those in who do!

  1. What I trust now is that when someone shows you who they are…believe them but don’t try to change them.

  2. When you feel an initial reaction to someone trust it.

  3. Releasing all expectations of someone allows you to see who they are and not who you want them to be. This allows you to start appreciating people for who they are (good or bad). Knowing who someone really allows you to trust in them, yourself, and your intuition.

Now when I am feeling low, when I am scared of what is next I immediately tell my team I trust them.

  1. First, I turn my attention away from my fears (which are false by the way).

  2. Next, I give my attention to the feelings of love, trust, abundance.

  3. Then I let my attention flow to the feel-good parts of whatever it is that I am entrusting to the universe.

  4. Finally, I feel as if I have already manifested it.

I put all of my eggs in one basket with this business. I trusted myself and I trusted spirit like I’ve never trusted before.

I have manifested more than I ever even dreamed of! Some days it’s a free coffee and other days it’s surpassing the goals I had set for myself. Today it’s sitting on the beach, typing this article, and realizing that all of my trust landed me here. I am doing a job that I love, teaching what is already within me, helping people to heal.

This trust that I had once denied myself has put me in this beautiful space that I am in today – surrounded by the sunshine, sand, and waves.

Trust is in everything I do whether it be an article or a spirit message given during a reading. Love is in everything I do and is in everything that we are. Source is love and love is our connection back to Source. The universe sees us and is all around us just waiting to help us out.

I invite you to say this today when you feel a worry creeping up. “Universe, I trust you and I trust in your plan. I know you’ve got this!” Then feel your energy shift! 

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