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This week’s spirit connections

My last post was about how I haven’t been connecting….by choice. I still connect daily to my higher-self and occasionally a spirit or two. Its not necessarily one of those “use it or lose it” things but it can be hard to get back in the saddle.

Earlier this week I did a practice reading in a wonderful Facebook group I am in. They posted 3 or 4 pictures and I picked the one I was drawn too. I thought to myself “I haven’t connected in a while and I want to see if I’ve still got it.” Well I do! I took a look at this man’s picture and instantly felt a sense of warmth and well-being. Someone had stepped in the room with me. Although I couldn’t see her I felt it was his mother. I still get nervous and have self-doubt so instead of saying “your mother is here” I said something like “I’m sensing a motherly figure” turns out this man had lost his mother the previous year and was so grateful for her connection. His mom not only came through with messages for him in the reading but also for ME!! This woman/spirit was so gentle and nurturing I still smile thinking about her. I am so grateful to have given him his reading. It reminds me that the gift I have can be used to help people and help myself. That’s something I (and the rest of you) should keep in mind when you start to wonder if you’re crazy or have others telling you you’re crazy. We aren’t crazy, we are helpers, we are here to help others in ways they can’t even imagine!

Totally unexpected

Tuesday night I was laying in bed sick from a stomach virus I caught from my darling toddler. Half asleep, half awake I heard someone talk to me…a man. A lot of times I will hear spirit as my own voice but this one was different. It was an old man voice.

This man passed away about 2 years ago but I hadn’t talked to him in about 15 years, so I couldn’t remember his voice and I really didn’t know him anymore. He was my step-dad’s dad; who had been in prison for many years for a poor decision he had made. I’ve felt him come through before but he was never quite strong enough and since I didn’t really know him anymore the connection didn’t seem important to me. However, Tuesday night there was no denying him….it was also his birthday.

I could hear him clear as day, he was stuck, he was tired, and he was ready to cross over but didn’t know how. He talked to me for a little bit about his regrets, about my family and forgiveness, he talked to me about why certain people in my family are the way they are. I could tell he was sad and how much he had aged. Because of decisions he made he died alone, no family at his bedside. I told him to cross over he must forgive himself or he will stay stuck. I told him to visit the ones he loves and the ones he’s hurt and although they can’t see him or hear him…when he is present they will think of him and this will help them heal. Ultimately though, he has to forgive himself.  I wished him happy birthday and thanked him for visiting me and he just kind of drifted off.

I truly hope he finds his way and can forgive himself. I have a feeling I will hear from him again soon. He taught me a lesson; life on earth is short, life in spirit is eternal. The lessons we learn on earth carry over with us; the good and the bad. Guilt and remorse stick with us but so does love…so forgive every chance you get, treat others as kind as you possibly can, and love unconditionally.

Love and Light,


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