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The Solar Plexus – How To Take Care Of It! | Blocked Solar Plexus Issues

How to take care of your Solar Plexus Chakra!

The solar plexus is like the body’s ultimate filtration system. It is the seed of the soul – the powerhouse of both your physical and spiritual body.

A while back I released a new energy protection technique (you can find that here). In this technique, you will notice that it instructs you to send grounding energy to your solar plexus. This is because the solar plexus acts as a filtration system for every type of energy that comes your way. When you send divine light or grounding energy here it acts as a computer sending that energy exactly to where it needs to go to help you heal and revitalize.

When this chakra becomes blocked it can’t do its job. If this filtration system gets backed up you may find that things in your own physical body aren’t running as smoothly either.

Physical signs of a blocked solar plexus

  1. Digestive issues

  2. Ulcers

  3. Over or undereating

  4. Abdominal bloating

  5. Nausea

  6. Anxiety

  7. Stomach issues

Emotional and energetic signs of a blocked solar plexus

  1. You find it hard to make decisions

  2. Your relationships are unbalanced. Either you try to be dominant or allow others to be dominant over you.

  3. You’re always on edge. Worry and fears are constantly showing up for no apparent reason.

  4. You lack confidence

  5. Self-love is hard for you

  6. You feel powerless

Our solar plexus is what fires us up, charges us, and allows us to come to terms with who we are and revel in it! When opened and functioning properly it helps us to be balanced in all of life’s endeavors.

It strengthens our energy, our vibrancy, our willingness to serve our own needs. The solar plexus is a fiery chakra that helps to maintain many of our body’s necessary functions both energetically and physically speaking.

When your solar plexus is balanced you will feel grounded, confident, and driven!

To balance and open your solar plexus you can

  1. Work with citrine, yellow calcite, and sunstone!

  2. Do core exercises or yoga classes specifically designed to connect with the solar plexus! (I love this one!)

  3. Do some mirror work to strengthen your self-confidence!

  4. Affirm that you believe in yourself, that you’re worthy, that you’re strong!

  5. Work to have more balanced relationships! Loosen the reigns a little bit if you’re the more dominant one or stand up for

  6. Yourself a bit more if you’ve been playing small!

  7. Eat foods that align with this chakra! Lemons, grapefruit, yellow squash, and corn are a few!

  8. Wear yellow clothing! It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s happy!

  9. Get out in the sun!

  10. Put your hands on your solar plexus and just breathe into it!

  11. Visualize it opening and expanding!

All of your chakras should be balanced and cleared regularly. I would say, however, that your solar plexus might need a bit of extra attention simply because of all the work it does each and every day!

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