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Tests Vs. Challenges From The Universe

Is the universe testing you? Do you ever feel like you can't catch a break no matter what you do and how hard you try?

I get it! I used to think life was out to get me, but then once I got more positive, I shifted to "the universe loves to test me."

I always tell people DONT ASK if anything else can go wrong because that is like asking for more challenges!

Challenges, you ask? Yes! Challenges!

A few years ago, I was talking to my spirit guides about the "tests" they had been bringing to me. I didn't understand how I could be doing everything they wanted me to do, such as advocating for mediums and psychics, giving readings, doing my inner work, etc., and still being served with constant "tests."

Then, as clear as day, I heard, "not tests challenges - opportunities to see your growth."

"It feels like tests," I responded.

But no, what I was shown was much more profound than my ego trying to tell me I wasn't good enough to pass these universal tests. I was shown that if looked at as challenges, I could see that I was being shown just how far I had come! I was being guided to see how I handled situations better than before, how I didn't get so worked up, how I kept my cool, and how I saw the patterns and could choose differently.

Those challenges were lessons and opportunities to see how my hard work had paid off. I was gifted with those experiences to see my life from a different perspective.

Once noticed and integrated, spirit would level me right up! Meaning that I would get to coast for some time, then get new lessons and opportunities!

Little shifts in my mindset greatly impacted my life and how I moved through my spiritual journey and levels!

Give this episode a listen and let me know if it resonates with you! I hope it clicks in for you like it did for me!

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