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Spirituality Is Not One Size Fits All. Is One Medium Right And Another Wrong?

Spirituality is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Never has been, never will be. For each of us, the word spirituality means something different. Many people view the term as having religious connotations but for me and many of my readers it means getting in touch with yourself and your higher guidance system. Really both are one in the same…a quest for knowledge and unconditional love.

Just as religious teachings have their own practices, rituals, and perspectives so too does each spiritual teacher. Intuitive teachers were once intuitive students. Each student is an individual and thus their learning style is unique to them so they must find their teacher. They must find what matches them, their vibration, and their journey.

As an intuitive teacher and spiritual practitioner I’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into my practice and my business. I deliver to you what I know to work for me. Each article I write has real life experiences behind it and even sometimes – most times – a message or two from spirit.

If you leave my blog and venture over to this one, you might find a few different viewpoints. I like that, I embrace that! Ya know why? If there weren’t different viewpoints, different styles, and different teachers our reach and our community would be significantly smaller.

Different mediums receive information differently. Your gifts probably manifest differently than my gifts and that is GREAT!

Being different and receiving information in different forms allows us to see and experience much broader perspectives. Mediums can bring through some pretty significant pieces to your puzzle but we don’t have all the answers. If you meet a medium who claims they have allllll of the answers then grab yo’ money cuz that’s a major red flag.

It is such an honor to me when someone confuses my site with Jamie’s. Or says that I remind them of Amanda or Monica. Still, we all have our own techniques, our own guidance system, and our own way of teaching. It’s just collectively we all fill in the pieces.

Each medium holds a different piece of the puzzle and collectively we piece it together as spirit feels we are ready.

You may have read this article which talks about how we are all one. This oneness is why different mediums across the planet are able to receive similar messages around the same time. The presentation and delivery will likely be different because each person’s gift is unique but the overall message tends to be the same. (Think astrology or energy readings here)

Recently I gave a reading to someone who was very receptive to the messages coming through but had a conflict with just about all of them. He was not being rude or discrediting the messages but in fact was validating them!

His issue was however that he was currently working with a spiritual practitioner who apparently does everything opposite of what I do. This confused him.

Here’s the thing, some of us work with rituals on a regular basis. Some people work more with magik and others work with tea leaves (something I’m really interested in by the way!) This does not mean that one person’s method is right and another’s is wrong. Don’t box yourselves in people!

I have a daily “ritual” and one I do before and after every session. My ritual is really just my routine. I’ve never really researched too much about magik or dug super deep into angel communication. This is because my niche is dead people, spirit guides, and the higher-self. That being said, I have had a very accurate reading by a witchy woman and I’m in love with Melaine’s site ask-angels.

We all learn and grow from each other, that’s why we are here. It wouldn’t be any fun if we were all the same, taught the same things, and felt the same things. It would be pretty mundane don’t you think?

So when choosing a spiritual coach make sure that that individual resonates with you. Remember though, you came to them for a reason so be open to the information they are bringing through. Often times it takes someone outside of ourselves to show us what we have chosen not to see.

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