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Spirit Guides, What are They?

Do you ever find yourself totally involved in a conversation with….yourself? Until I discovered this gift I thought I was crazy because I would have CONSTANT conversations  inside my head; legit thought I was a looney tune so I just kept it to myself. I used to have disagreements, conversations, and even joke with myself all inside my head. It was always as if I was having an actual conversation with someone else; the voice was even a little different.

As I have strengthened my abilities and gained more knowledge I have learned that I am not a certified crazy person but instead I am connected with loving spirits that I can’t actually see….sounds weird but it’s really cool when you think about it. For years and years I had this internal guidance system that tried to steer me in all the right directions. We all have freewill so it was a 50/50 shot that I actually took the advice given…until I learned what it was.

It could have been my higherself or a spirit guide, which is what I am focusing on today. A spirit guide is what most people think of as a guardian angel. A spirit guide is someone who loves you totally, utterly, unconditionally. They give you the advice you need and help you at different times in life. Sometimes we have guides who are with us throughout life and sometimes they are here for a brief time for certain lessons.

When we think of guides we think of loved ones who have passed that are now watching over us. They are watching over us and they may end up being ONE of our guides, but most times these are beings we have made soul contracts with before we came here. A guide is someone you asked to help you learn certain lessons, to guide you through certain periods in your life, to help protect you, etc. You have different guides for different things!

When I first started out I had a guide named Stacy, back then I didn’t really know what that meant and just thought it was cool I had someone looking out for me. As I have grown and gained more understanding I now know of four guides who I work with regularly and Stacy has never come up…maybe she’s not with me anymore, I’m not sure. I have two “main guides,” one who helps me understand oneness and gives me wisdom, and I have a protector guide.

How to know when your guides are near

My protector guide David is super easy for me to work with; he always tingles my upper left arm and if I close my eyes he almost instantly shows himself to me. It’s not always that easy to identify when your guide is near, so here are some things that might help you connect with yours.

  1. Ask. Sit quietly and set the intention to connect with your guides. Ask internally or aloud “I would like to connect with my guides, please step forward if you wish to connect with me”

  2. Be still, be silent, and breathe.

Did you get a tingle or a tickle anywhere? Do you feel like someone is near you but there is no one around? Did you hear a random name? Did random guidance or an solution to a problem pop up?

If so these are all signs that you have a guide near!

Getting to know your guides

Once you have established a connection you can try to get to know them.

Just ask!

  1. Ask for a name, it’s usually the first thing that comes to mind

  2. Ask what they look like, with your eyes closed see if a sudden image pops up. *Hint. They don’t always look how you’d expect them too

  3. Ask them to step into your energy field. See if you feel any changes

I still am working on establishing a better connection with all of my guides but for the most part I know who is around and how to tell. Sometimes I just hear their name, sometimes it’s a specific way I am having those “conversations with myself,” and sometimes it’s a certain tingle or tickle.

We all have guides and they love it when we connect to them, go ahead and give it a try!

I’d love to hear your feedback!

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