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Setting Goals With Intention | Cultivating What Matters, PowerSheets

Today we are going to talk about setting goals and actually sticking to them. Before you start feeling overwhelmed know that the goals we are going to be setting aren’t about money, work, or more things to add to your plate (unless that is what matters most to you). Instead, we are going to start cultivating a life that matters and that means setting goals that align with what matters most to you.

We are going to focus on progress and not perfection.

Recently I had been asking the universe to help me manage my time better, to help me stop feeling so stressed, and to allow me to be more present. These WERE my goals and they were mainly focused on business.

We all know that when it comes to working with the universe and the Law Of Attraction we are handed opportunities instead of exactly what we asked for. This means that when you ask for the patience you are afforded an opportunity to practice patience. When you ask for help in managing your time the universe puts another heaping helping of “stuff” on your plate.

I know you know the feeling!

Well as my plate kept getting more full I noticed that I struggled to find the time to just BE with my family. One day I stumbled across a Facebook post an acquaintance had made. She posted about her goals for the next 6 months and how her PowerSheets were helping her so much. I was quite intrigued!

“What are PowerSheets and why is that the cutest notebook I’ve ever seen?” I thought to myself.

I was lead directly to the Cultivate What Matters website. I dug around for about 30 minutes, watched a video, and I was sold. I ordered my PowerSheets.

When they arrived I was so excited! So girly, so chic, the notebook really made me want to bust out my favorite pen and get to work! Only, it wasn’t the right time (there’s that word again). I had a million things to do, a toddler to chase, and there was work to be done. (This is the one I have, take a look!)

Low and behold I let the notebook sit around for 2 weeks before I looked at it again. This time though I decided that this was an act of self-love and that meant that I got to sit down and just BE. Just as she says throughout the PowerSheets notebook, we are focusing on progress, not perfection.

When I finally got started I realized THIS is what I had been searching for! THIS broke it all down into baby steps. I got to look at different areas of my life and look into my fears. I was also guided to look at what was working for me and what wasn’t. It was so much more than I anticipated. It was self-work, self-love, and the law of attraction all in one bright and cute little bundle.

To be honest, it was also hard work. I had to take a look at my current priorities and see if that was what mattered the most to me. Being 100% open with you guys… my priorities were all mixed up and seeing it right there on paper was a lot to handle.

But the good news is, the PowerSheets helped me to progress in the right direction. I was able to work through the PowerSheets and realize what mattered the most. They helped me to realize that I was the only reason I didn’t have enough time. I was putting my attention in all the wrong places. What I was looking for was balance and the PowerSheets helped me to cultivate that.

Within the PowerSheets there is a healthy self-assessment and worksheets to include things like:

  1. Ideas of what you want to achieve over the next 6 months

  2. A questionnaire for actually getting to know yourself

  3. Breaking through your identity box – This was a big one for me! I was forced to look at the things I had decided internally that I was NOT capable of and then I was challenged to picture what

  4. Life would be like if I stopped those limiting beliefs!

  5. There is a life evaluation section which at first I admittedly felt weird about. But just as I teach my students – it was time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so that I COULD finally be, comfortable. In this section, I rated things like my health, relationships, finances, and even SPIRITUAL and PERSONAL growth!!!!

  6. In another section meet our fears

  7. We go over the good things from the past year in addition to the challenges. Then reflect on how each one helped us grow.

  8. We reflect on what we are going to start saying “no” to and what we will start saying “yes” to in order to cultivate what matters.

Finally, we get to the best part, the big picture!

Here we write down our goals and priorities again. (You will be amazed at how this shifts from the first few pages) After that, we break each one down into “starting steps” and not “action steps”. This is a powerful reminder that not everything has to be done at once, that is impossible and that my friends is where we tend to get tripped up!

There is so much more within the PowerSheets that I can’t possibly write about in a single blog post. 

There are affirmations, encourgaing words, and help all along the way. You don’t feel like you’re reading a notebook or working through a workbook. Instead, you feel like you have a life-coach right there with you. Someone that pushes you to cultivate a life that matters to you now and will matter to you when you’re 80!

If you’re looking to start something new or get back to where you used to be, give this a try. If you have no idea where to start or how to balance all that is on your plate, I highly encourage you to give the PowerSheets a go.

I am a spiritual coach and I have to say that I am a HUGE advocate for these PowerSheets. They are a great compliment or even starting point for your own personal and spiritual growth. Plus, they are so cute! They come with stickers, cute patterns, and a ton of inspiration!

To order yours click here!   

(This is an affiliate post and I will make a small commission off of this product. However, I truly believe in this product and would not be sharing it with my audience if it were not in complete alignment with my mission of spreading light, love, and spirit!)

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