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Record Your Own Meditations | Daily Self-Love |

Affirmations are a big part of how I stay grounded, get re-centered, and basically achieve any goal that I set! I’m serious y’all not only is my love language “words of affirmation,” but I am an affirmation junkie. If you’re new to the blog, you will hear me say multiple times that I made the decision to get happy and if you’re not new here, you know it’s something I stand by teaching others how to do. When I made this decision, I started implementing daily affirmations and mirror work and after applying these key ingredients my life totally transformed!

I felt so silly at first saying loving things to myself and to be honest it just felt downright uncomfortable. I would look in the mirror and say “You’re pretty, you’re smart, you’re creative and I love you” with a sullen attitude and an eye-roll. I would be thinking “what the hell am I doing?

There is one quality in myself that I came to acknowledge while doing this self-work and it’s that I have determination. I have a knack for sticking with things, and so I did.

Day after day I said my list of affirmations, I did meditations to get my mind right, and then I would do some mirror work. I didn’t always do these things in the exact order, but the one thing I did consistently that soon became my favorite part of the day was to say my long list of self-love and self-confidence affirmations on my way to and from work.

I would turn the radio off, say my affirmations, and really allow myself to believe and feel the words I was saying. One day something just clicked, and I started believing all the things I had been telling myself for months. I started laughing sometimes crying and always getting super hyped up about my new practice.

I would say things like “my vibration is high” (a great one for getting past depression and linking to spirit), and each time I said it I would feel it more and more and my vibration would rise!

Affirmations are a wonderful and powerful tool when it comes to reprogramming our subconscious mind because the mind believes what we tell it! Read that again….the mind believes everything that we tell it!

If we tell our mind we aren’t good enough then we won’t be. If we tell our mind we can’t, we won’t. If we tell our mind something is hard, you’re dang on the right its going to find a way to make it 10x harder for us!

The mind is a powerful thing but so are our words, thoughts, and actions.

Why not couple all of these things together to reprogram yourself into positive thinking, happy living, and seeing opportunity everywhere instead of lack?

It’s easy, it’s free, and there is really no excuse not too. If you’re thinking “it’s not for me” then I want to invite you to try it for 21 days and see how your life changes! Habits are formed and broken in 21 days, so give it a go!

It’s easier now than ever too because you have a handy little device attached to you at all times that can assist. Now there is a fantastic app a long term client and friend of mine sent me to help. What kind of world are we living in? Just a mere 6 years ago I was writing affirmations down and storing them in my desk, car, mirror, and purse so that I could remember them.

I had been begging this client for years just to do the affirmations and she was so resistant. Then one day out of the blue she sends me a recording of herself reciting some very very powerful affirmations!

PROUD Coaching moment! I felt like a mother who just saw her baby walk for the first time! I can also say that since she started listening to these daily she has made such a positive transformation in such a short amount of time in regards to standing in her power and honoring her worth!

I was so pumped and asked her how she did it, and she sent me the app THINKUP! ThinkUp is an app that has a vast and I mean almost unlimited library of prewritten affirmations. You click the affirmations you love, all of which are categorized by what you want to focus on, and then it adds them to a playlist FOR YOU. There is like no work for you at all!

Here’s the coolest part once it adds your selected affirmations to a playlist you can then go and record them in your own voice!

The app takes your recorded playlist and puts it to music FOR YOU …again no work or technical knowledge required. Then you have a snazzy meditation complete with music and your own voice with your own affirmations for you to listen to throughout the day.

It’s seriously magical, and I wish I would have thought of it myself! I listen to mine while I’m getting ready in the morning while driving, and while I sleep. Did you know that affirmations, while you sleep, are just as powerful if not more than while awake? Your subconscious is still listening even when your physical body is dozing!

You seriously have to try this app it’s 100% the best thing since sliced bread! It’s free y’all there is really no reason NOT to try it out. I actually had to upgrade to the premium version the first day because ya girl loves affirmations. I now have over 7 playlists for different focuses! The premium version is only 5.99 per month or 28.99 per year. Totally worth it if you’re like me and love to just coast about your day listening to some positivity!

Be sure to grab some affirmations from this article to add to your playlist too! Let me know what you think about the Thinkupapp, it’s a total game changer!

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