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My Story – Accepting Myself

Whew, this is weird. Am I really coming out to the world about being a medium? I guess I am.

Ok, so before we dive into this thing let me just start off by saying welcome! I am super excited about starting this blog, like really excited! I have been thinking about it for a few months but I’ve been too nervous. Recently I had some serious validation and knew it was time so I gave myself the push and said “JUST DO IT ALREADY!”

My Story Part 1 – The kid in me. 

“He’s in my room!”

I was about four years old, all tucked into bed, sleeping soundly, mom was downstairs watching t.v. or doing whatever it was that she did. I woke up to someone in my room….obviously I freaked out and screamed for my mom!

“Right there, He’s in my room! He’s in my room!” my mom didn’t see anyone and told me to go back to bed.

“He’s right there!!! THERE IS SOMEONE IN MY ROOM!” by this point she is annoyed and thinks I just want to get out of bed, she wasn’t having it.

This happened numerous times throughout my childhood and every time she thought I had a nightmare or was “stalling” as she called it.

Hadn’t she ever heard of a thing called “mother’s intuition?” She should have known I was a medium back then, sheesh!

To Grandma’s house we go!

As a kid I stayed the night with my grandparents a lot, I loved it there and I loved them. They helped raise me and were seriously my everything! (Remember this it will come back up!)  Every night my grandpa ate popcorn and candy, this was my favorite time of day with him. The pantry was located in the laundry room and so was the trashcan. I remember getting up to throw the bag of popcorn away and hearing someone say my name.

“What do you need Grandpa?” he replied that he didn’t call my name. So I just let it go.

This happened again and again with Grandpa and Grandma always claiming they didn’t say my name! ”

Ok, y’all need to quit messin’ with me I’m just a kid” I thought to myself.

This happened for years and years, it eventually really started to creep me out. It was an outside voice and wasn’t in my head so I started to feel a little crazy.

Who’s hand was that?

Around 7 years old I was staying with my other set of grandparents, I loved that house but always had a weird feeling of being watched when I was there. I will never forget this night as it has stuck with me for 20 something years.

My grandmother laid me down, we said my prayers, I went to sleep and she left the night light on just as she always did for me. Something jolted me awake, I was facing the wall and saw clear as day the shadow of a hand and an arm. I turn around and there is no one to be seen. I FREAK.

Both grandparents were woken up by my cries and came in to console me. They swore to me no one was in the house.

Why did this keep happening to me? What was going on? This happened at everyone’s house I went to. I was a normal kid, I built forts, played with barbies, loved animals, I had a ton of friends. What was the issue here?

Continue on to Part 2 to figure out what the heck was up with this weird little kid!

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