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My Awakening Has Come To A Halt! | Why Is My Spiritual Development Blocked?

Has your spiritual development or awakening suddenly come to a halt? Do you feel like your progress has just stopped? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many of us start coasting through our awakening and intuitive growth then we suddenly hit a spiritual roadblock.

Today’s blog was inspired by a question submitted by a member of my facebook group. K writes:

Hi Ashley! Thanks for being available on Facebook for questions. I started seeing things about 3.5 years ago. I’ve done different intuitive development exercises to try to progress. Over time I’ve progressed a little and now can see energy in the air and have done a little bit of psychometry too. I guess I’m trying to understand why this gift comes and goes. I’ll see things strongly then suddenly can go for a few months with nothing. Any thoughts on why the “dry spells” might occur? I’m really hoping I can determine why this is happening so I can work through it. K

Hey K! You are so welcome, and I am happy to have you in the group; I hope that everyone that reads this post will join us as well!

So to answer your question about why your spiritual development has suddenly come to a halt just know this is totally normal and I have a few theories as to why it happens.

Reasons Why Your Spiritual Development Might Come To A Halt

Sometimes things go “quiet” when we have a lesson that needs to be absorbed and worked on.

When we have been navigating through universal lessons or challenges, we need time to absorb and implement what we have learned. If we haven’t had a chance to really sit with what we learned or put our new “skills” into practice, then spirit will often make room for us to do so thus slowing or even stopping our intuitive progression.

Think about it like this, spirit gives us patterns throughout life with people and situations. The whole purpose of coming to Earth in the first place is for our own soul growth and healing. To achieve this growth and healing we must go through a series of experiences that will help us achieve this. So let’s say your biggest lesson has been to learn to speak your truth and stand in your power.

Once you’ve identified the pattern, this shows soul growth! Now, however, spirit wants to show you your own strength and prove to you that you have obtained a new skillset. This is where you will see those challenges or universal tests come in. During the time of integration, absorption, or universal tests you might feel like you’re hearing crickets (spiritually speaking of course). This is totally normal and recognizable once you’ve been through it a time or two. To make it through the quiet times it’s always a good idea to ask for a sign from spirit just for tangible proof your team is still hanging around!

If this isn’t the case, then we can turn our attention to how well you have a grasp on your intuitive side. Have you learned to fully manage or control it yet? Are things still happening when they want to vs. when you want them to? Are you getting intuitive hits randomly or at will?

Things Come To A Halt When We Aren’t Managing Our Intuitive Side The Right Way!

If you are receiving but it’s random or inconsistent; this is often because we are not making enough space for our intentional connection. You see if we have a roundabout time and specific (or sacred) place that spirit knows we will be at they will start to show up. So let’s say that every day on your lunch break you go to your car and do a 10-minute meditation and then ask spirit for messages, signs, symbols, etc. Over time both you and spirit will be able to more easily connect at this time/place because you both will be expecting it! Once the relationship is cultivated, you will be able to tune in and out more efficiently throughout the day.

The next thing is to make sure that you have boundaries set and that those boundaries aren’t confusing for spirit. So, for example, don’t say “no spirits in the bedroom” and then try to do a meditation in the bedroom where you’re trying to call them in. This is a thin and confusing boundary! What you will see happen is the connection won’t be strong and/or your boundaries won’t be as firm. I have a full (and FREE) workshop on how to set boundaries here – this is both for spirit and for people (wink wink empaths).

The last thing I want to say is that I myself have taken quite a few courses and also found myself getting frustrated with the lack of consistency and explanation. Since you’re clairvoyant, you should be doing specific exercises to strengthen those muscles in particular while also learning how the other clairs are working for you too. We are always receiving in more ways than one, so it’s important we learn to tune into all of our senses and not just our most active. It’s helpful to see how spirit is guiding you constantly plus the more you recognize the connection and follow those hits the more spirit is likely to give you.

So with regular practice, creating a sacred meeting space, following the signs, asking for more, and working with the right muscles in the right way things should become more consistent!

I hope this helps and when you’re ready I think I could really help you get the ball rolling! My suggestion for anyone who needs help when their spiritual development or awakening is at a halt is to take an intuitive development course or work with a coach. Remember you can read all you want, but until you put in the practical application you have obtained knowledge, not the skill. If you’re ever looking for someone to practice with be sure to join us in The Spirited Life each month for development circles!

For anyone interested in The Intuitive Development And Progression Course, I am just going to leave this personal email from a recent student right here! ”The course is amazing, it’s an absolute must for people like us! I’m so glad it was suggested, thank you very much! Tools on grounding, connecting, and communicating are very clear and I actually look forward to meditating more and more. My guides and angels are amazing and always here to help now.”

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