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Mediumship, Psychic, and Empath Resource Guide!

Mediumship, Psychic, and Empath Resource Guide!

Empaths are a special kind of human, their emotions know no bounds, but sometimes this leaves them feeling utterly depleted and even depressed. Psychics, mediums, and highly intuitive individuals may feel similarly when their gifts are unnoticed or unmanaged.

Today I have done a round-up of my most popular and helpful articles for mediums, psychics, and empaths!

I learned I was a medium around age 22 after dismissing a lifetime of both subtle and in your face signs from spirit. It wasn’t until I had a reading with a medium named Wendy that I not only noticed this about myself but also realized how much it was affecting my day to day life!

Mediums, psychics, and empaths can experience fatigue, depression, and anxiety when their gifts are unmanaged!

I had dealt with a lifetime of nightmares, visitations, and feelings of being watched. To say the least, I was always on edge and often felt a bit crazy! When Wendy got on the phone with me, the first thing she said was, “you are not crazy…you’re just like me!”

After talking with Wendy, I decided to acknowledge who I was and who I had always been a psychic medium.

I didn’t have the resources to really learn about my gifts or how to practice safely. I didn’t know about grounding, protecting my energy, or setting boundaries! Eventually, I went down a vast rabbit hole collecting information, but it took me a while to sift through what served me and what didn’t. When I started teaching about empathic and intuitive gifts, I realized I needed to create something that would serve those in my shoes! I created the popular Intuitive Development And Progression course for this very reason.

Below you will find my most popular and helpful resources for all things empath, intuitive, and psychic!

If you’re ready for more, please join us in The Mediumship Masterclass! This is a group coaching class complete with bonus courses and recordings of all sessions. Mediumship Masterclass begins on August 11th, 2020!

It is highly suggested that you take the Intuitive Development Course alongside or before the masterclass. This course lays essential foundations that we will be referencing throughout! Right now you can get both for the price of one!

More resources for intuition, managing empathic gifts, and connecting with the higher self! 

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