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July 2018 – Energy Reading

Understand today that life is beautiful. Understand that while the planet is shifting and changing you have the gift and the ability to bring light to all situations as your planet moves into a new phase – into the next phase of its reality.

It is time for you to understand your worth and your mission. We come to you today to let you all know how powerful you are as an individual – how much your presence and your grace is needed – how powerful your thoughts and intentions are. You all have no idea how powerful you are initially let alone as a collective.

This month we would like to tell you that things are on the up and up in your society. Though from an outside perspective it may seem harsh, take your attention to your heart and know that things are getting better.

This is a great month for you to realign and focus. Get to know your inner self, listen to your inner wisdom. It is a great month to just be and feel into your body.

This month do not disregard emotions and feelings – instead, welcome them with open arms. Become at peace with them as you allow them to move and flow through you.

You are powerful and what that power can bring is peace to you and your life and the lives of others

This month as you fill yourself align with your greater power your greater light to become a building block – a bridge for others to see the worth within themselves.

Know that things are shifting for the getter and you are meant to be a part of the movement. Allow your intentions and your thoughts to pave the way for not only your physical world but the spiritual world of all.

Get clear this month. Feel this month. BE a light for those in need this month.

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