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In Tragedy We Must Come Together. Healing The Planet.

As a human being with a heart, I tend to feel pretty deeply. Add to that being an empath, a medium, and an extreme energy sensitive and you can probably imagine why I tend to shy away from the news. Monday, October 2nd, however, was a different story. I woke up and instead of proceeding with my normal morning routine something called me to turn on the news…something I have never really done on my own and certainly something I haven’t done intentionally in over two years.

Immediately upon switching from the normal Netflix modality to the local channels, I realized why I was pulled so strongly. Someone – or some spirit rather had pushed me to turn on the news to alert me of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Breaking news flashed at the bottom of the screen and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I listened to the newscaster. For the first time since I can remember I saw the real emotion in her eyes as well. Then I glanced over at my 3-year-old son playing happily without a clue and my heart broke even more.

If you received my newsletter this morning then you know that this moment sent me into a spiral. Though I have done a ton of emotional healing and I’ve worked to see all people from a place of love instead of judgment I couldn’t help but be angry at the person who had caused so much pain. I went into a state of anger and fear. Into a place of hurt and anxiety. I went down a rabbit hole of wondering what kind of world we are bringing children into and why human life is so devalued by so many.

Later that evening I asked my husband what he thinks has caused some people to just see life as a game? He couldn’t answer. Sometimes I feel like some people are no longer just hunting animals but also each other. It sickens me.

I tried to remember all day that I needed to return to love but at the same time I wanted to be mad and I wanted to be angry. I decided to let myself but I wouldn’t allow myself to get stuck there. We are humans and we are meant to experience emotions; real, raw, unfiltered, human emotions. When we are stuffing things down and ignoring the way we feel it becomes dangerous. Let yourself feel, let yourself process, but remember not to get stuck there.

As a lightworker, it is my responsibility – my duty – my privilege to spread the light now more so than ever. I am reminded and so I remind you that where attention goes energy flows. So, I ask you not to get stuck in fear. Please, don’t feed the fear and don’t feed the negativity.

It is easy to allow ourselves to go to a place of fear in times like these. Feeling unsafe is a very uncomfortable feeling. It leaves you wondering if you should go to the post office, you may start sizing everyone up around you at the supermarket, and start to wonder if you will ever attend a concert again.

Please don’t let a few lost souls scare you away from living your life. They have already taken the lives of too many don’t give them or people like them any more power.

What Can We Do To Raise The Planet’s Vibration?

  1. We can start loving people unconditionally – all people.

  2. Start to send love to those who least deserve it because they need it the most.

  3. Start teaching your kids about oneness instead of the idea that we are separate.

  4. Show small acts of kindness to friends, family, strangers, and even enemies

  5. Give compliments – you never know how your small sentence will change someone’s day!

  6. Give a stranger a flower

  7. Be a friend

  8. Meditate

  9. Remember that your energy affects those around you. Stay light – stay positive!

  10. Set a good example for all of those around you, not just those that are younger than you

  11. Be compassionate

  12. Every time you feel disconnected tell yourself “I choose love over this” or “I choose peace over this” and feel the shift

  13. Read/watch uplifting material

  14. Expand your consciousness

  15. Forgive

  16. Count your blessings

  17. Remember that you don’t have to understand or agree with everyone. Just accept them as they are because we are all right where we need to be.

An exercise that I do each day while running is I envision guides, angels, and the divine encircling the Earth as they work to raise its vibration. Each night I say prayers with my son and at the end, we ask for healing for our planet and for each and every person to know how to give love and how to receive love. Visualization is such a powerful tool. Maybe if each of us incorporated our own version of envisioning a healing planet real changes could be made!

Small things like this can help raise the vibration of our planet. When our vibration raises it affects those around us. Actions speak much louder than words.

You don’t need to preach to a large audience about what you know to be true because the reality is they are only going to absorb what is fitting and beneficial to them. When you lead however people see and absorb your actions much more deeply because they are felt both on conscious and subconscious levels.

When tragedies such as this and other recent events happen it is our cue to wake up! To be more conscious, to work together, to raise our vibrations!

If you are here then you’re in the light, searching for the light, or want to know more about the light. Now I invite you to step into the light! Be the light! Things have got to change and it all starts with us – the lightworkers.

One person can make a difference. A seed grows into a tall tree and eventually releases other seeds to become a forest….plant your seed then become the tree.

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