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I Feel Like I’m Not Living My Life To The Fullest

Before I started connecting to spirit I would constantly feel that I wasn’t living my life to the fullest but that has since changed. Last week I was standing in the sand just staring out over the ocean when I remembered something, this world is so vast and the universe is even grander. I had a spiritual experience in that moment.

For just a second I felt completely connected to all that is while simultaneously feeling almost microscopic. I reveled in this feeling completely.

As a kid, I used to lay on the ground and just stare up at the sky making shapes and stories out of clouds. It’s so rare that we embrace these experiences as adults; it seems that the magic and wonder of the world fades as we get older but it doesn’t. We just stop noticing.

When speaking with a new client one of the first things I tell them is that they have to start noticing again if they ever want to grow their intuition and abilities.

You have to notice how the wind feels on your skin. You have to notice all the little sounds around you both near and far. Something to remember is you can’t grow your clairvoyance if you don’t start noticing the signs that the Universe sends you or the sparkles in the air.

Tapping into your gifts starts with noticing the subtle energies, signs, and feelings that are all around you every single day.

There is so much more to this life than what meets the naked eye. Ask yourself this question, are you really living here on Earth or simply existing? When I realized that I was just going through the motions and not embracing and enjoying life, I knew something had to change.

For as far back as I can remember I always knew that there was so much more. I knew there had to be more than going to school, getting a job, and working that job for 40 years. Of course, we need education and money to pay for our homes but that couldn’t be everything.

We get to live on this beautiful – immense planet with so many things yet to be discovered. Still, day in and day out we drive the same roads, connect with the same people, and do the same things. Then it happens, we are on our death bed only wishing that we had experienced life a little more.

We didn’t come here to just go to school, work, and die!

Over the years I’ve done a lot of research, reading, and digging, sometimes quite compulsively. Many of the texts and teachings have had something in common. They said that Earth was meant to be a paradise planet and that getting to come here is meant to be a privilege. On Earth, you have free will, a beautiful planet, and the opportunity to learn SO MUCH.

We have these beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, mountains, and oceans just beckoning for us to be a part of them again. Not tear them down or commercialize them but to really reconnect with them.

Our souls are meant to connect to Mother Earth which is why grounding is so important when doing psychic work.

Do you ever just feel so pulled to travel and to be outside? That is because you’re supposed to be out there! You’re supposed to listen to the messages of the trees, feel the wind in your hair, and watch nature in all her beautiful glory.

When you are connected to nature you are connected to spirit.

Sometimes I sit back and just watch the trees, the animals, and even the grass. It’s fascinating how we are literally living on something that is alive. Nature doesn’t need us to sustain itself but we do need nature to sustain life. Do you see that? We couldn’t do anything without nature …nothing. Without the plants, we wouldn’t even have air to breathe.

If you want to embrace your gifts and strengthen your intuition start by reconnecting with nature. Start NOTICING all that is around you and not just what is directly in front of you.

Life surrounds us and yet we take it for granted. If you can’t notice all of the life surrounding you now then how do you expect to notice when spirit is trying to connect to you?Something to think about!

I can help you tune into the subtle energies already around you and I can teach you to open up your intuition for a stronger connection to spirit. I can guide you through this, but it’s up to you to start noticing what is already around and within you. Let’s work together to broaden not only your awareness and connection to nature but also to spirit but to also pass the messages along to those who need it!

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