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How To Stop Overthinking And Release Spiritual Blocks 

How To Stop Overthinking And Release Spiritual Blocks

Have you ever had a memory or situation that no matter how many times you try to heal or let go it just keeps creeping back up? These memories are sneaky and pop out at you at the most random and inconvenient times. Overthinking creates spiritual blocks and it’s time we break the cycle. 

How old memories create spiritual blocks 

Perhaps the memory that keeps replaying is something you did or said that you regret, or maybe it’s something that someone else did or said to you. No matter the scenario, if something is randomly popping up into your consciousness, it is to make you conscious of it! Aware of the fact that you have not completely healed from it, let it go, or absorbed the lesson in it. 

For me, in almost every one of these recurring memories, the lesson surrounds forgiving myself or someone else. I don’t know about you, but it’s easier to forgive someone else for what they did to me than to forgive myself for something I did either to myself or someone else. 

When we are unwilling or incapable of letting go, we become stuck in a loop of overthinking that generally looks something like this:

  1. First, the memory pops up. 

  2. When the memory creeps in, we relive the situation. We see it and feel it as if it were currently happening to us. 

  3. Then we slip into a vibration of anger, sadness, resentment, guilt, betrayal, etc. These are the lowest frequency emotions and will pull our entire vibe down down down. 

  4. We do our best to turn a blind eye, shove the feelings back down, or distract ourselves from said memory. 

  5. We slowly move away from that feeling and start to feel content. 

  6. Life is going as planned, and then the loop starts over. 

Amid the situation, we needed these lower vibrational emotions as they helped us survive. They taught us that the situation was uncomfortable and not to let it happen again. These emotions held teachings and provided us with wisdom. When we are overthinking and stuck in a spiritual block, we relive these emotions as a form of punishment. Subconsciously we think that if we hold on to these and relive the resentment, we punish either ourselves or the other person. Some people feel that forgiveness shows weakness, but in reality, it is the ultimate strength. 

Unhealed wounds and stuck resentment create what people call “spiritual blocks.” 

Take, for example, someone looking for a romantic partner. This person craves love and a loyal relationship but keeps finding the same “type” of guy/girl they’ve always dated. Why is this? Perhaps it is because they are still so profoundly wounded from a past partner that they have not moved through the lesson to heal the pattern. 

Some other examples would be past programming. We convince ourselves we are small and unsuccessful because one time, one person told us we wouldn’t amount to anything. We allowed this to prior our subconscious mind. The same can happen with allowing ourselves to be loved. When we can’t forgive ourselves or another person for past discretions, we embed within the mind that we are unlovable. The real issue here is if we don’t love ourselves, we can never truly let love in. 

The loop of overthinking:

  1. Painful memory creeps in

  2. You’re back in the painful moment

  3. You sink back into a low vibration

  4. Then you work on crawling out of that vibration

  5. Eventually, it fades, and you get on track

  6. Finally, you feel content

  7. On a sunny day, out of the blue loop starts over. 

  8. I don’t know about you, but these loops are an energy suck, and I am unwilling to let them in anymore!

How To Stop Overthinking And Release Spiritual Blocks

First, let the memory come up and then send it away with love.

Okay, easier said than done, I know. How do you send something or someone love when it cut you so profoundly that years later it comes up time and time again? The truth is, it’s not easy, it takes strength, and it takes forgiveness. Forgiveness also takes power.

Recently I was meditating, and an unpleasant image started coming my way. It was a trigger and a reminder of a health scare I had years ago. I kept trying to PUSH it away (keyword here) and swipe it away (another keyword). I eve told it to go away. Nothing worked, and the image and memory kept coming closer and feeling more and more real. It was really triggering my anxiety luckily, I felt guided to try something else. 

I surrounded the image in a blanket of love that was attached to a string, and then I let the string go. Once I did, the vision, feelings, and triggers went away immediately. I felt such a sense of relief!

I felt I was on to something so I decided to test myself, “Okay, spirit, what else do you have for me?”

Y’all….a slew of images, feelings, and memories came pouring at me. I felt like I was playing the game whack a mole only with visions and blankets of love… but it worked! I’ve done so much healing work since I started my journey with spirit, but apparently, there were still a few burs hidden in the sand. 

This technique is a game-changer y’all! 

Try this technique to stop overthinking and release spiritual blocks. 

  1. Get into a meditative state – take a few breaths, get grounded, etc. 

  2. Ask your inner child, higher-self, angels, and guides to step into your energy. 

  3. Ask them to hold you securely in their love and light

  4. Ask that they reveal to you what you most need to see and what you still need to heal

  5. Allow any and everything to come up. 

  6. FEEL IT! Really feel it! Sit with it, cry, whatever you need to do! 

  7. You can not heal what you are unwilling to feel, so let it all come up. 

  8. Thank it! Thank it for teaching you how to treat yourself and others next time. Appreciate it for the gift of experience and lessons that it gave you. Acknowledge it for teaching you you never want to feel that way again

  9. Forgive whoever and whatever. Forgive yourself for going back to that memory. 

  10. Visualize surrounding it in love

  11. Visualize it disappearing

  12. Release the string 

  13. Thank yourself for setting yourself free

It is so unfair to keep replaying old memories that are no longer serving you! There is a saying, “If you are depressed you are living in the past and if you’re anxious you’re living in the future,” and it’s true. Let it go, forgive, heal, and give yourself permission to be your freest and best version without limits! 

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