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How To Start Showing Up For Your Life

Can I ask you a question? What does life look like for you right now? Is there anything you would change? Do you wish you had more money, a better relationship, or a healthier body? You can have all of those things, but first, you’ve got to be completely honest with yourself. How are you showing up for your life?

Are you showing up for your life, or are you merely just playing a character in it?

Life is a constant series of changes, battles, successes, beauty, and even hardships. We become so bogged down with little “failures” presenting as mountains that we have trouble seeing our wins and victories. When beauty and success do arrive, we are scared to acknowledge it thinking its just a fleeting moment, and it will pass. We tend to focus so strongly on what we are lacking that we become blinded to the beauty of life surrounding us. Many of us hold ourselves back from happiness out of fear of having it and then losing it.

I am guilty of this, and it took an entirely new person in my life to point this out. A new friend and I were talking about parenting, and she stopped me mid-sentence. “I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You put a lot of pressure on yourself. You’re really really hard on yourself.”

I was caught off guard because, in my work and personal life, I am always the one to lift others. It is always me supporting others and teaching them to stop their negative self-chatter and limiting beliefs. Until that moment, I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear those words. I needed to have a mirror held up to my face. I didn’t know I needed someone to lovingly call me out and at that moment my perspective on myself as a parent changed.

One week later, I experienced the most abundant success of my career, and it felt amazing! When I shared this with my friend and she asked about numbers and details, I became shy and modest. Honestly, I had never been so proud of myself, but when asked about my success, I basically shut down. The energy I was putting out didn’t match the energy I felt it, and it was uncomfortable. I felt like I was lying to myself by trying to play small.

“You have got to stop this! For what you do, you really shrink yourself down. You’re too ….modest? Is that the word? You need to be proud of yourself you’re doing amazing things!”

I almost felt ashamed to share such a big win when telling someone outside of my entrepreneurial comfort zone.

“What if people think badly of me? What if they don’t approve of my success? What if they think I charge too much.” What if, what if, what if.

It’s time we stop being afraid of our successes yall! It’s time to show up as who I am entirely, and it’s time you do the same. Ladies and gentlemen start showing up for your life and don’t apologize for it anymore!

Showing up for your life means taking charge and knowing that you are the creator of your own beautiful or not so beautiful reality. Remember, we win at everything we do so when we focus our attention on the bad or the lack we see more of that. When we focus on our current wins and the success to come, we see more of that.

Self-sabotage happens when we play small and hide our accomplishments because it signals to our brain that we aren’t ready – that we aren’t worthy. The subconscious mind is a powerful, powerful thing and will always find ways to make our inner reality our external reality. You better believe if you’re feeling unworthy you’re going to see that and if you’re feeling successful you will see magic happen.

Show up for your life! Make decisions and follow through. Set goals and work backward from the end result to break your goal down into manageable and actionable steps. Be present with the people you love and give yourself some grace!

Stop thinking that where you came from is where you will end up!

Believe that if you want to change, you can!

Who you have always been is not who you always have to be!

Decide to get results then let nothing stop you.

Ask for help from the universe, trust in your guidance system, and then watch people and situations show up that will put you on your path towards your highest purpose.

To the person that has always felt unloveable – show up for yourself. Start loving yourself.

For the girl that is afraid to make anyone uncomfortable – show up for yourself. Stretch and believe in yourself. Your confidence is crucial, and if they are uncomfortable with you, it’s likely because they are unwilling to stretch themselves.

To the guy that yearns to live up to or surpass years of expectation – throw it out the damn window. What do YOU want? What are YOUR dreams? The money will come when you’re in alignment with your mission, but when you’re on the wrong path for your soul, you will hit roadblock after roadblock. So what do YOU want? Show up for your life and take the reigns back.

To the dreamer, the victim, the student, the mom, the dad, the one who doesn’t know who or what they are or where they belong – you’re worthy. You’re worthy of whatever in this life will make you happy. To reach that you must find that happiness, love, and devotion for and within yourself before anything can show up for you long term.

Find your confidence, find self-love, find self-realization, be brutally honest with yourself about your now or your past so that you can break those patterns, and move forward. You can do this. It takes some internal digging and a lot of retraining your mindset but babe, you’ve got this.

Show up for your life because no one else can do that for you. Believe in yourself and be a teacher for those around you. Stretch, grow, and keep going. Please stop going through the motions because life is so much more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Show up authentically. Give this to yourself because you deserve it – we all do. It’s exhausting playing so small all of the time!

Stop living a passive life – Show up and take charge. This is your life, what are you going to do with it?

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