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How To Find Your Purpose | Wayne Dyer’s Unknown Story

Recently I heard the real story behind the best selling book Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer and I was blown away. Not by the book but by Mr. Dyer himself. If you’ve been in the spiritual community or the self-help community for more than 5 minutes you’ve probably heard of his name. I’ve listened to his interviews, read his quotes, and listened to a podcast or two but this story…this was different.

All of Dr. Dyer’s work is impeccable, timeless, and life-changing. It wasn’t his work that changed the way I looked at him though, it was his story.

In an interview with

Tony Robbins, Wayne talks about how he quit his job without first consulting with his wife and then set off to sell his book. Once published he was told that his book was not expected to do well and because of this, he was on a sort of blacklist.

Wayne asked, “well what happens if it does do well?”

The publisher replied, “then we will buy more and it will get you off of “the list””

Wayne spent more money than he had and bought up every copy of his own book anonymously. Then when the publisher re-ordered another 1,500 copies, Wayne bought those too! When he called the publisher to ask how the book was selling the publisher said, “you won’t believe it! Your book is sold out!”

Wayne then set off across the country sometimes with his wife in-tow and sometimes by himself. He decided to leave a couple copies of his book in different stores across the US telling the store owners only to call him if they sell. Wayne even had his wife pretend to be different people requesting that radio shows bring him on to discuss this new “best-seller”.

Dr. Dyer traveled the country doing this over and over; living on nothing but faith! He lived in his car, snuck into hotel rooms to shower, and he still showed up to every interview. This incredible man did this in 75% of the states across the US!

This story is one of trust and one of passion. He accomplished so much in his life not because he was doing it for money or for the fame but because he was following his purpose. He knew that his book would help people and so he put everything into it that he had just to get it into people’s hands.

I’m sharing this story with you as a reminder that following your purpose can get you farther than you’ve ever imagined. For Wayne, it was worldwide fame and helping millions and millions of people. For you, it may be helping those less fortunate or breaking away from what your family and society have told you-you have to be.

A few years ago people started asking a good friend of mine to do their makeup because they saw that it was something she was good at. Now Jess has a full-time business making people beautiful. The kicker? This was never a part of the plan, she was going to be a school teacher!

Now she is making brides glow on their special day and styling celebs before their guest appearances. She gets to do what she loves every single day because she showed up on and with purpose. To an outsider, she is a hair and makeup artist. To those that she works with she helps to bring forward both their inner and outer beauty. (To find out more about Jess check out her Facebook or Instagram!)

That’s how it happens people! I started this website a few years ago simply to journal about my experiences and to let others know that they weren’t alone. A friend pushed me to start giving mediumship readings and I got to see how healing they were for people Then readers started reaching out to me to teach them. They wanted me to help them, to show them how to do what I do so they could finally live into who they had been all along.

This career found me. You guys found me…I didn’t find you. All I did was show up on purpose. I showed up to help people find closure and to help people heal. I never expected that this would be my life a few years later!

No matter what you do or who you are, you’re good at something that you love to do. You can be good at many things but that doesn’t mean you love to do them all.

Show up for what you love and listen to what others ask you to do. Pay close attention when you get to work with your talents. That is where it all comes together. That is how you find your purpose.

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