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How To Develop Your Clairvoyance

How to develop your clairvoyance

Developing your clairvoyance is so much fun! Plus, it’s easier than you think. It all comes down to asking, trusting, accepting, and of course, strengthening the third eye.

The third eye is our 6th chakra and is where our psychic vision manifests. It is an actual gland within our body that is highly misunderstood and underutilized. (This article is about how to have fun with developing your clairvoyance but if you want the entire Third Eye Workshop complete with 1.5 hours of live audio and notes you can snag that for just $20 here!)

Seeing clairvoyantly is a much more subtle experience than you might think. When we see things clairvoyantly we often see what looks like movies or filmstrips internally. Many of us also see flashes of light, sparkles in the air, and clear or colored hues around people. It’s easy to dismiss such things as common eye problems but when you’re clairvoyant their ain’t no eye doc that’s going to be able to take these symptoms away!

5 Exercises to help you to develop your clairvoyance (yes even if you’re not “a clairvoyant yet!”)

1. Pay More Attention!

Seems easy right? For most of us, it actually isn’t since psychic vision can be so subtle. When you see a flicker of light or a wave of energy in the air, stop and breathe it in.

The number one thing with developing your intuition – no matter which clair you’re working with – has to do with becoming more aware. This means becoming more aware of your surroundings, of energy, of the gentle pushes you’re given, and yes those quick little flashes of light.

Simply breathe it in, take note, acknowledge it, and tell spirit you saw it! The more you acknowledge that spirit is trying to connect with you (even if you don’t understand what they want yet) the more they will give you!

2. Visualize!

Visualizing is such an important part of strengthening your clairvoyance. It is like working out a muscle in the gym. It ain’t going to grow unless you’re working it out, baby!

So flex those clairvoyant muscles by visualization!

It’s best to visualize things that make you feel good! This helps to raise your vibration and align you with more good things to come by using the law of attraction.

I like to visualize important moments in my life and hold my consciousness there for at least 2 minutes. I also do this with moments that I WANT to manifest in my life. It’s a total energy shifter and is guaranteed to strengthen your clairvoyant muscles and put you in the BEST mood!

You can of course also visualize numbers, colors, faces, and places!

3. Clear your energy and third eye!

It’s hard to receive clairvoyant images when you essentially have a blackout curtain blocking your third eye!

I like to clear my energy by asking my guides to come in and do an energy sweep. This is where I feel my guides moving my energy from left to right and from head to toe. I take note of where the energy gets stuck and focus on the spot for a bit longer to remove any blocks.

Make sure your third eye is crystal clear and that your crown chakra is open as well. Actually, while you’re at it make sure all of those babies are clean, cleared, and balanced.

Having a balanced chakra system allows for a clear flow of energy and allows you to receive more using all of your senses not just clairvoyance!

4. Get outside!

There is so much to see outside of your home and office! There is energy to see! Living-breathing beings, plants, animals, and no screens to make you miss all that is passing you by.

Seriously, when you go outside you can practice seeing energy like in this exercise. You can also practice seeing the auras of trees and again you can start to become more aware of all that is. You will even start to notice things that you hadn’t in the past!

When you become more aware of your surroundings you become more in-tune with all that is, naturally.

When you become more in-tune with all that it, it’s much easier to pick up on the subtle energy shifts, quick flashes of light, and waves of energy that swiftly pass in front of you!

5. Meditate

Oh, don’t give me that eyeroll! You knew it was coming! To become more aware, in-tune, vibrationally aligned, open, balanced, and all of that jazz – you need to meditate!

Remember there are different ways to meditate beside just sitting on a pillow crosslegged. It’s impossible to clear your mind so don’t worry about that either. You simply want to make enough room inside that head of yours to receive the communications and images that spirit is trying to send to you.

Remember seeing clairvoyantly is subtle and spirit will initially show you an array of things that probably won’t make any sense to you. Don’t worry about the meaning or message behind it. Don’t judge yourself or spirit. Just simply relax into it then thank spirit and yourself for meeting you in this space.

Developing your intuitive abilities is a journey…a slow and steady but beautiful journey!

Enjoy it, have fun with it, feel, it, and breathe it in! Don’t let it become frustrating. When or if it does, take a spirit break!

Want to develop your clairvoyance with practical exercises and learn to connect with spirit more efficiently? Check out one of the courses available to you, specifically the Intuitive Development And Progression Course!

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