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How do you manifest your dream life? How to manifest your goals?

How do you manifest your dream life? How to manifest your goals?

How do you manifest your dream life? Do you know how to manifest your goals? Do you have a vision for growth? If not, do you daydream about what it might be like to leave your job, find the ideal partner, or even just have space to be yourself? If so, you are not alone, my friend. I was there. I desperately wanted out of my job, and I wanted to be happy. While more money and a better job certainly helped, they weren’t going to bring sustainable happiness or the life I wanted to create.

I manifested my vision without even realizing it!

My best friend was who really pushed me to explore who I was and who I am. She had known things about me since I was 12 years old that I didn’t even know myself. Morgan, my best friend, also knew that I had been seriously unhappy and even clinically depressed since we met as well.

One day I was telling her about a dream I had of a friend that had passed, she said to me that she had always known I had some kind of gift and that it was time for me to figure it out. She told me that I needed to learn to tap into my intuition, but I needed to be safe about it. Then Morgan recommended a movie (or book) I am sure you have heard of, The Secret. After I watched it, my life changed forever.

After watching The Secret, I began to create and manifest a life I had only dreamt of!

It was as if everything I had always know but couldn’t put into words rushed to the surface. Suddenly I yearned to heal my depression, explore who I was on a soul level, and manifest a life I had always dreamt of. These were all foreign concepts to me at the time, but it was as if something shifted, and my soul was now in the driver’s seat.

The self-work I put myself through was not for the faint of heart, but it was worth every minute.

I can’t see myself ever going back to where I was before. I had bills coming daily, I was a pessimistic, negative nancy, and I was miserable even though I was successful for my age. On the outside, it looked like my life was going pretty well, but inside it was bleak and unimpressive.

Day and night, I filled my mind with uplifting and expansive content. I learned to meditate and did this any time that I could, whether on my lunch break or pumping milk for my baby (not even kidding). Journaling about my ideal future became a daily habit, and my 45-minute commute turned into my time to recite affirmations.

My soul began to awaken in such a way it never had before.

I was walking on cloud 9 all of the time! Colors were more vibrant, people were softer, and synchronicity was everywhere. I honestly felt like I was living in a fairy tale because my life and mindset had shifted so drastically and so quickly.

Each day I envisioned a specific lifestyle for myself and believed with unwavering faith that it was already mine!

Eventually, I decided to put what I had learned to the test!

  1. I was ready to manifest a home in my dream location

  2. It was time to find a job that fit my new energy

  3. I wanted to start giving mediumship readings (because I had been working on this as well).

The thing is, I did all of it, and as the universe would have it, I was challenged along the way. It was as if the universe was saying, “how badly do you want this, Ashley?” It seemed that for every gift, there was also a test of my will and faith.

The universe was testing my commitment to the vision I was hoping to manifest. What I didn’t realize at the time was they were showing me my own strength and just how far I had come!

I manifested my vision, alright, but it didn’t look how I expected it too! Here is my humorous journey of manifestation within a few short months.

The things below happened one after the other in just a few short months. You will notice the manifestation of the vision then a test on that gift. I hung in there, but boy, it was tough sometimes to stay focused!

  1. We sold our home in under 3 days and profited much more money from it than we had expected!

  2. We hadn’t found a house yet, so we all moved into my mom’s house (the one thing I didn’t want).

  3. I found a home a month later that was in my dream neighborhood and right on budget!

  4. The whole house needed to be gutted (hence why it was on budget in my dream neighborhood).

  5. We had just enough money with the profit of our home to do the renovations!

  6. My husband got a new job in his dream city!

  7. The husband had to go back through a 6-month fire academy with the new city (which was both intense on him and the rest of the family).

  8. We were renovating our home during the academy. I hardly saw my husband because of this and my moms house is an hour away from our home. We drove back and forth at least twice daily.

  9. Our dog got hit by a car while I was at work. It was indeed a horrific experience that I hope no one has to endure. Family members, as well as vets, told me to “put her down,” but I knew within my gut it wasn’t time.

  10. (I may have screamed at the universe a time or two, but I didn’t lose trust)

  11. A miracle happened, and luckily, she’s still here today!

  12. The house took MUCH longer to renovate than expected. Again…two dogs, my son, my husband, and I were living in one bedroom at my MOTHER’S HOUSE.

  13. Life was nuts. So so nuts.

  14. I started giving readings for free from the floor in my shared bedroom at my mom’s house.

  15. I got a small raise at work.

  16. My husband told me he thought I was weird and meant it (yeah…more on that later!)

  17. And the list went on.

One great thing would happen, and then a challenge of my commitment to myself, my path, and my relationship would follow. I was manifesting my vision while rolling headfirst through a spiritual and psychic awakening!

I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that manifesting your dream life isn’t going to look exactly how you planned it out in your head. At Least not while you’re on the road to receiving that is.

There will be challenges and tests, but not because the universe doesn’t love you or find you worthy. It will be because you need to see your worth, your strength, and your dedication! Me staying at my mom’s brought up so much fear and so many past stories. It was a tough time feeling like I was going backward just to move forward, but I get it now.

I remember driving there and hearing a voice in my head saying, “this is FOR you. All of this is FOR you. You’re ready, and you have to trust yourself no matter what happens, you can’t let go. You can’t lose sight of where you’re going and how supported you are. Just trust us, Ashley, we will always guide you through.”

My spirit team challenged me to see my worth and my strength, and somehow I knew I was supported through everything. I got mad and pissed and hurt, but I knew without a doubt it was for my best and highest good, and ya know what? It was.

One year after we moved into this home, I realized I had manifested my vision.

  1. I looked at my vision board from a few years before and realized the inside of my house looked exactly like what I had cut out.

  2. My home had an extra space to be used as an office, which I now use to run my own heart-centered business.

  3. Our marriage is what I swore I would always have, someone who is my teammate who challenges me but loves me just the same.

  4. He is a great dad and a fantastic freaking husband.

  5. The kids, the dogs, the way our yard looks, the rocks for the garden I manifested last year. All a part of my vision.

  6. Everything I want always comes to me in the most perfect timing. How? Because I trust the universe, I visualize what I want, I get clear on my vision, and then I let go.

  7. You can manifest your vision, too, I promise! I swear to you you can, you just have to want it bad enough, believe in yourself enough, and then trust that it’s coming.

If you’re willing to do the work, I am eager to get you there! Don’t do it if you can’t commit. I don’t want to waste your time, but if you’re honestly ready to make a lasting change then let’s go, I manifest like crazy, and I can teach you too.

Trust + Self-Reflection = Internal happiness. Internal happiness + gratitude + trust = manifesting your vision as your reality!

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