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Heal and Let Go Of Your Past | Finally Be Happy!

Heal and Let Go Of Your Past | Finally Be Happy!

How is your past affecting your present? Moreso, how do you heal from the past? When you look back on life, and you think about what and who hurt you, what is it that stands out? Are there memories that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try? What about the things you “let go of” or “that doesn’t matter anymore?” Have you adequately dealt with those, or do you think time did the trick? If you feel like there is a missing piece in your life, then it’s time to look at your past, what’s left to heal might surprise you!

Dig deep and reveal so you can finally heal!

We have had an entire lifetime of experiences that are still within us, pulling at our energy. Troubling situations can become buried deep within, and until we allow them to surface, they may never truly heal. We have memories from childhood and even some from yesterday that keep us stuck in the past and weigh us down whether we realize it or not. How do we know what is affecting our present, and most importantly, how to we heal repressed memories and what blocks us?

Start working with your higher self to heal your past!

Try this exercise to shed layers with the higher self and reveal a more joyful and happy you!

  1. Sit in meditation.

  2. Get grounded.

  3. Clear your energy.

  4. Connect to the divine.

  5. Invite in your higher self.

  6. Take a few deep breaths.

  7. Ask for your higher self to show you what still needs to come to the surface for healing.

You will likely journey to a memory or a place from the past. Do not judge how relevant or important this memory is now just observe. Observe yourself in that setting and allow all feelings and emotions to surface.

  1. Next, visualize your higher self walking over and hugging your past self, inner child, or whatever version of you that you see.

  2. Tell him/her it is safe to come back to you – to your energy.

  3. Forgive all of the people in the scene including yourself if needed

  4. Watch your higher self escort that version of you back to the now.

Some practitioners call this a soul retrieval, others say it’s calling back your energy. No matter what you call it, the process and outcome are the same. You’re allowing old, stuck, and buried emotions to surface to be healed from the past finally.

In this meditation, you should genuinely feel the pain and emotions from before. As you do, you will be able to release this stored pain from the past and appreciate how much stronger you are now! Repeat this process as many times as needed and don’t be afraid to cry, scream, kick, whatever! Just allow all emotions to come up and flood to the surface, I promise it is incredibly healing.

I share this article with you today because oftentimes during mediumship readings and coaching sessions I see stored pain from the past. Spirit gives this vision to me as a body made of concrete or filled with mud. It signals to me that the person I am connecting too has suppressed many emotions. The vision indicates that the person has a lot of undealt with pain from the past. Then, it is my job and spirit’s job to teach them how to break through heal, and call these pieces back to the present begin to feel whole again!

You can be happy and DESERVE to be. You can forgive yourself and others for the past! It is possible to love who you are and to enjoy your life. The work is sacred, and the work is tough, but it is so worth it.

Have you worked on healing your inner child or on reprogramming your limiting beliefs? I can help you! Pick your path!

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