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Get More Personal With Your Spirit Guides

Our spirit guides are like the best friends we never knew we had. They are our biggest supporters, our voice of reason, and have no problem giving us a loving nudge in the right direction. We know that our spirit guides are there, but how do we get to know our spirit guides on a more personal level?

Read any article about spirituality, intuition, or mediumship and you will find that the writer often refers to spirit guides. The reason that we all push spirit guide connection is not only because they are an important aspect of daily life as a spiritual practitioner; but also because they are some of the easiest spirits to connect too!

Spirit guides mostly step forward only when asked, they don’t want to bother you. So asking them to come forward is step one.

Start talking to your guides daily! Tell them what you need, what your intentions are, and ask them for help when you need it. They are always listening and eager to help.

That being said, if you want to connect with them more and on a personal level, don’t ignore the signs they send you! These signs may seem little and insignificant to you, but it took quite a bit of effort on their part to put them on your path.

If you asked to see a bluebird and two days later there is one on a new billboard enroute to work, this is a sign. Don’t dismiss it as coincidence! Thank your guides and tell them “ok y’all, I see you!”

Just like in any relationship, communication is key!

If you’ve been working to connect with your guides for a while and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere take a step back and reevaluate.

  1. Have you been sensing their energy when you call them in during meditation?

  2. Have you been asking to see your guides and instead only see color or visions of animals?

  3. Maybe you’ve been asking for messages from your guides but don’t hear anything right away.

Remember, not all guides communicate in the same way!

Perhaps you want to see your guide but he connects with you better through clairsentience. Don’t get frustrated and think you’re failing. Instead, take it for what it is; an opportunity to strengthen that clair!

On the same token, if you ask for an image of your guide, be open to what you receive. Not all guides will present themselves as wise old men or even people at all! Sometimes they will be animals, other times just color, and still many times as mythical creatures!

When you ask to hear a message from your guides and you don’t receive it right away that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Often times guides will give us messages later by using our claircognizance or presenting us with signs and synchronicities!

No matter how you asked to receive your guide, be mindful that sometimes it takes a few days. If they feel you’re not ready or 100% receptive to their appearance or message they may hold off a bit.

  1. They may come to you right before you fall asleep with their appearance.

  2. Your guides could pop the answer you were seeking into your head.

  3. They could even give you a big ol’ poke on the forehead to let you know they were listening.

Here’s an example:

Two days ago I asked to connect with my guides in a more tangible fashion (most times I just hear them). Yesterday I had a creative day. This is where I map out what I want my month in business to look like, take myself to lunch, and do some reading and research.

The day started out wonderfully with a free coffee and an empty beach (perfect for focus and strategizing). Afterward, I went to lunch and sat on a dock where I ate in total serenity. There was no one around me.

As I read my book, I had someone come over and offer to eat lunch with me but I respectfully declined. Then a couple got sat inside the restaurant so their window was just above my head. I thought to myself, “clearly I am not meant to be alone right now, what’s up?”

That is when the guy above me pointed out the young cat that was sitting at my feet!

I looked at this cat and it was seriously staring into my soul. Now, yall, I am not a cat person but this one was different. I felt this instant connection with him!

The couple kept throwing food at him trying to get him to eat but he wouldn’t. Instead, he just kept staring at me.

Next thing I know, the guy above me is leaning out the window saying “this cat is obsessed with you!”

I joked and said, “hmm I must have great energy or something!”

The cat sat and stared at me for a good 15-20 minutes! I even contemplated bringing him home… I felt so strongly that he wanted to connect with me, to deliver a message.

So I made a deal with spirit “If that was you guys, I need another sign and I need it today!”

Later that evening a oneness blessing popped up in my area and though I had the entire day to myself, my husband was pushing me to go. He reminded me that I really haven’t done much for myself lately and I would only be missing an hour with baby-boo. Still, I felt like I spent the day on myself (even if it was work).

I had no expectations or really any intentions for the meditation except to physically feel my guides.

They weren’t just giving me gentle energy sensations but literally poking me in the forehead, messing with my hair, and I swear one pinched my arm. They were ALL over me, like the whole body! It was nuts and also really cool.

After the meditation, we always talk about our experiences but this time most people didn’t have much to say. Instead, the leader of the group asked a participant about his recent retirement. Here was his reply

“I just hang out with my cat a lot more.”

Nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, I asked my guides for this a few days back. Then all in one day, really within a matter of hours, it was all right there for me to see, feel, and hear!

If you’ve been struggling to make that personal connection with your spirit guides I invite you to check out the spirit guide e-course. It walks you through the different ways spirit guides can connect with you, how to call them forward, how to identify them, and more!

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