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February 2018 – Energy Reading

February is a month for changes as we move out of the disruptive or seemingly stagnant energy of the previous month. This month is a time for allowing changes to unfold, for approving of your challenges and accepting them as opportunities.

This month you will see the things you have been thinking and speaking start to take form. Just as we warned you last month, be careful with what you wish for and where your intentions are going. Think literally here as these times are changing and things are indeed starting to shift.

You have all been able to physically see these shifts and changes happening. If you look at the media and the things around you, you will see this whether you are supportive of current world affairs or not. What we mean is – start to see with your intuitive eyes, your spirit self, and not your human vessel. What we mean is looking past what is physically being said and shown and instead hearing and seeing what the spirit or soul is actually trying to portray.

Many things are changing at this time. Though it may not seem this way, all is in the best interest of the overall planet. We sense much fear coming up in your environment right now about changes, propaganda, prophecies, and the like. We would like to tell you that while there is truth to some of the messages, please listen and hear what is not being brought to your foresight.

Allow yourselves to stand strong in uncertain times. It is you all, the lightworkers, the connected ones, the ones with the high vibrations, that can energetically band together to make the changes. These things are all happening for a reason.

If you have had personal struggles, challenges, or even issues dealing with the intense energies over the past week and a half fear not. This has been a learning period for you. A period to show you that while the walls may seem to crumble around you if you trust you will see that just on the other side of what seemed to be detrimental lies a beautiful landscape.

Trusting in us and in our plan whether personal or universal (for all) will bring you closer to us and help you to align and shift with great ease.

The shift is happening and is truly a good thing. Hang in there. Lift your vibration by surrendering and allowing yourself to trust in the unseen. Look past what is being shown to you and FEEL what is not.

Trust in yourself, trust in your intuition, allow yourself and your spirit to work for you. Release all resistance and give it away to the surrounding days of the full moon now. This is a powerful and extremely energetic time in your living history and we wish for you to take advantage of the opportunity. Allow yourself to surrender, to release, and to manifest at this time.

Feel the emotions coming up, feel the physical ailments that require your attention, and notice where your past resides in your body. Release it all to mother moon and trust in what is to come.

This month should be easier energetically (personally) than the last. Trials should be fewer and any anxieties, worries, misunderstood stresses that seemed to come without cause and cause confusion in your being should have already started to dissipate. Understand these feelings were impending by the subconscious of what was to come with this energy. Release what you felt this past month and trust that it was only for your overall growth.

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