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Fear Is False! Stay Positive Through The “Pandemic 2020”

Fear Is False! Stay Positive Through The “Pandemic 2020”

This feels false to even write but apparently we are navigating a “pandemic in 2020” How are you doing through all of this? Times are a bit crazy right now, huh? There is so much fear going around and honestly, I’m not buying into it. I choose love, I choose to see health and wellness everywhere I look, do not choose fear. Fear is fake, fear is false, scarcity is NOT accepted into my reality.

We are the lightworkers and this is what we were put here for. Our mission right now is to lift the vibration of the planet. I am going to tell you how to let go of fear and return to love!

I honestly went to the store for bananas the other day, and they were out. Not a single banana in the entire place and my two year old was not happy about it! Instead of getting flustered with her navigating an empty grocery store, I decided on a new story.

“We are going to the most expensive grocery store in town, and they are going to have every single item we need!”

I intentionally was working on 3 mindset shifts out of fear at once!

  1. Shift in perspective – Rewriting my stories.

  2. Deciding what I was going to manifest with unwavering faith


You see, normally the “elite” grocery store is for specialty items only. On this particular day, however, I decided that without a doubt, I was worthy of that particular shopping trip with less stress. That decision made me a vibration match for abundance! Seems silly, right? It’s not though because it was a moment of choosing to be RESPONSE-ABLE and deciding without a doubt that everything was working out in my favor. Also, if you’re wondering…they had bananas! Lots of them! I even bought some for my friend!

You can do this too, yes, even amid all the frantic energy in the air right now!

We are being fed fear. It’s being shoved down our throats like the Trunchble’s chocolate cake in Matilda!

But we dear friend have a choice not to eat! We have the option to see a different perspective, to find gratitude during these times, and to be our best version.

What is there to be grateful for during these times?

Well, with everyone at home we are being forced to slow down and rest. This means:

  1. More time to meditate.

  2. Chances for self-reflection.

  3. Opportunities to get your resume looking perfect!

  4. Time to finish or start those courses you’ve been sitting on for a while!

  5. It’s spring so going outside, appreciating the birds, prepping the garden.

  6. It is also a chance for our Earth to take a bit of a breather while automotive and other types of pollution slow down a bit.

This morning I was guided to record a video about fear. As I was talking, I suddenly started channeling, and I could feel it within my entire body as I went on a deep tangent.

Stay grounded, positive, and dedicated to your wellness and your light. We need it now more than ever!

In order to be of service to you and everyone else this Wednesday at 2:30 PM EST I am going LIVE on FACEBOOK! I will be doing a FREE Q&A session (not readings) and will begin with a guided meditation. Please feel free to join!

I am also offering Monday coaching sessions for the next 3 weeks only. Mondays are normally dedicated to creative work, but I feel strongly pulled to serve at this time. This opens up 15 available coaching spots at 15% OFF.

Talk to you soon!

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