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Emotions and Manifestation | How To Use Your Emotions To Manifest

Emotions and Manifestation | How To Use Your Emotions To Manifest

Did you know that it’s all up to you? Your relationships, your job, your destiny… all of it is up to you! It seems to be so far out of reach sometimes, doesn’t it? The money you want, the perfect partner, the beautiful home, the kids that listen? Things in life that we desire often bring us fear and sadness because they seem unachievable and out of reach. What if I told you that it is those emotions that will help bring you closer to the things that you want to manifest?

Recently I was listening to an Abraham Hicks clip, and in the clip, Abraham said that if something you want brings you fear or overwhelm, this is actually a good thing! The emotions are showing you that you truly and deeply desire something but that you at this time are not a vibrational match for it. So, in other words, we can actually use our fear for something constructive instead of destructive.

Increase Awareness To Manifest

When we are working to develop the psychic or intuitive senses, we first have to expand our awareness to the little things.

  1. We have to learn to separate the sounds outside and fine-tune our hearing for clairaudience.

  2. To tune into our clairvoyance, it helps to bring awareness to the delicacy of colors around us, the way each person’s face moves involuntarily, and visualizing the room we are in with our eyes closed.

  3. Clairsentience can be developed simply by noticing the wind on your skin or the way water drips off of you in the shower.

  4. Claircognizance will be developed, the more you trust your gut instinct and the subtle nudges you get.

Developing the psychic senses has so much to do with first noticing what is already right in front of us – the things we have become numb to. The same is true when we want to manifest a life we love or specific circumstances in that life.

Bringing awareness to our true feelings about what we desire allows us to sift through what is actually holding us back!

I will use myself as an example; immediately after I have a great idea or want to start a new project, I often push myself into mental overwhelm. I get so pumped on the inspiration, and I am easily able to see what needs to be done. Usually, I map out a pretty good plan very quickly, but once I map everything out, the fear sets in.

  1. What if I don’t have enough time?

  2. Could this idea be a flop?

  3. Speaking of time, will it be a waste of time?

  4. I already have so so so much on my plate that I can’t get done. Maybe I will just put this in my idea book for now.

Ugh. It’s a terrible cycle, y’all! I have the ideas and I can mentally see it through to completion. What holds me back is my fear of the work that is involved. When fear hits me before I can even stop it I become so energetically depleted that I put it out of my mind until the next time inspiration hits. Sure, I teach you how to manifest, and I show you how to better your mind, but that doesn’t mean I never have those struggles myself! We teach best what we have lived!

How to use your emotions to manifest a life you love!

When you feel fear or overwhelm, first acknowledge it.

For many years I have been teaching my students to thank their fear. When we show gratitude for our fear, we take away it’s power! You see, fear can’t have control over you if you’re not feeding it, so once you bring awareness to it, half the battle is over. Thank the fear for trying to keep you safe and comfortable, but tell it you’ve got this.

Bring awareness to what your feelings are trying to show you.

We’ve all had the scenario of everything is going perfect, then we think, “wait, maybe things are going a little too perfect? What is about to go wrong? Will, all of this, be snatched away from me?

Here is an example; you want to manifest $2,000 of unexpected income this month. After reading this post and doing a meditation, you’re inspired and excited! Then all of a sudden, fear sneaks in “what if I can’t do it? I’ll just feel silly. All of that time and energy will be wasted, trying to create some kind of magic.” Fear like this is sneaky and will cause you to stop trying before you ever really get going.

By observing your thoughts in action, you can see that you were in the vibration to manifest, but fear snuck in. We must get to the point of being so aware of the fear that we cut off its life source completely!

Now use the awareness of your emotions to gain momentum!

Find an affirmation to keep in your back pocket for moments like these!

“I am willing to witness my fear and thank it for trying to protect me. Today I choose prosperity and happiness over all else and continue to thrive in my highest vibration.”

Now your fear has been pushed to the back, your vibration has been raised, and you’re one step closer to manifesting! This technique can be used with any and everything. Simply being willing to observe your thoughts and bring awareness to your emotions is the one tool that’s been missing in your manifesting kit!

Give this a try, along with visualizing yourself as already having what you want to manifest and getting into the EMOTION of it. I bet you will see some radical results!

Talk soon! Ashley Strong

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