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Connecting With Spirit | Conscious Vs. Subconscious Connection

Today’s post comes not from a reader question but from a client’s question during a recent coaching session.

 “Cindy,” asked: “I have never sat down to do a reading intentionally yet I have had multiple spirits come through with accurate messages for other people. If I am not intentionally open to them then how is this happening? If you have to call a spirit forward and people have to be open to receiving their messages then what gives spirit permission to pop in?”

This topic really perked my interest and I am excited to explain how this works! As an intuitive development teacher, one of the first things I train my students to do is to set boundaries. I teach them how to control which spirits can come to them, where, and when.

This is what confused Cindy

Yes, boundaries may be set but sometimes spirit has an important message to get out right away, even if the timing doesn’t seem right to you. Here’s the thing, if they are coming to you in that moment then at some point they were given energetic permission to connect with you.

Subconscious permission and unintentional connecting

When a spirit comes to us and we have not intentionally called them in, there is a reason. Something or someone triggered that connection! It could be that the spirit needs your help crossing over, they have an emergent message to get across, or someone connected to you has been thinking or talking about them.

You are the medium and they know that (even if you don’t)! You are the channel – the translator.

When a friend comes over and they have been thinking about a passed loved one or have mentioned their name they (and the spirit) have given you indirect permission to connect. If you the medium have not established strict “business hours” with spirit then chances are the connection will be a go!

Leaving yourself ungrounded and without strict boundaries is a subconscious invitation for spirit to connect with you.

Conscious connection –

When you consciously connect to spirit you are intentionally calling them in. Examples of this would be giving a mediumship reading, spirit connection during meditation, automatic writing, and so on.

When we intentionally establish or call in spirit this is a conscious choice to connect.

Behind each spirit connection whether conscious or subconscious – deceased loved one or personal meditation – is intention. Intention to connect! That intention may be as simple as saying the spirit’s name, thinking about them, or wishing they were near. This is applicable to those close to you as well. When someone close to you (even just close in the vicinity) needs to hear a message from spirit they are probably unintentionally calling on them. You can bet as the closest medium to them, you’re the one that gets to deliver that message!

So there you have it! If you have been wondering why spirit can connect with you when you have not called upon them, asked for them, or even met them think back to this article and you will have your answer!

To learn how to set boundaries, ground, and work with your strongest gifts check this out!

If you’re a medium that wants to know how to get the specifics, how to call a spirit forward that doesn’t want to talk, or you need to know what to do when a spirit doesn’t connect using your strongest clairs you will find this helpful! 

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