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Can You Hire Spirits And Is It A Bad Idea?

Recently on a coaching call, a client of mine told me she had been advised to “hire” additional members to her spirit team. This advice was given to her in order to protect her energy on a constant basis. I listened to the advice she had been given and really evaluated the context in which it was relayed before I spoke up and gave my opinion.

Before I tell you what I said to her I would like to reiterate that it was just my opinion. It is in no way my intention to shame another spiritual practitioner for their advice or guidance. We all have different ways of looking at things and different words that we use to get our messages across. That being said, I liked the message she gave to my client just not the verbiage.

You see, with spirit we have to be very specific with our intentions because they do their best to give us what we want. This is why it is so important to be conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions as much as we can! It all goes back to the law of attraction, the universe is always listening…always, so we must be careful what we ask for. Now, back to my client. In a previous session, I had explained to her where her blocks were and what they looked like. After our call, she decided to seek out a group meditation (which I highly recommend to anyone!) and in her search she came in contact with a local spiritual practitioner. This woman was wonderful she even saw the same blocks that I did and confirmed that my client was indeed an extreme empath. All in all this lady and I were completely on the same page. She agreed that my client needs to protect herself better and advised her to keep her energy protected at all times. She then advised her to hire an additional spirit team to do this for her. I agreed with most of what she said up until this point, I have concerns with the word “hire.” It is my belief that yes, you can ask your guides for more protection, but you can do this without having to outsource. You can ask a member of your spirit team to be with you in a protective manner at all times and you can work more closely with your armor guide. In my opinion, we have quite the abundant spirit team so there is no need to hire additional members. However, with that being said, you CAN call in the archangels and ascended masters in times of need. There is a difference in calling in those who love and support all of mankind vs. hiring a team of spirits you don’t know. When I think of the word hiring I think of an exchange of services, currency, or energy. In what way could we pay a spirit? They certainly don’t take Visa, we can’t bake them a pie, or do yard work; so how could we possibly repay them? The answer is either with our own energy, a piece of our soul – the worst outcome, or in the best outcome by spreading their message. I am just not comfortable giving anything to a spirit or group of spirits that I don’t know. It is in my opinion that we picked out our spirit team for a reason knowing that they could fully do the job. We just have to ask! In no way do I think that this fellow practitioner meant any harm or malice, I truly believe she was just trying to help my client. Who knows, this may be something that works for her! I think all she was trying to do was help this client gain more protection so she didn’t have to feel the constant complications of being an empath. I honestly think her heart was in the right place and I can not say that enough.

Our spirit team always ALWAYS has our back. They will help us in any way that they can but first, we have to ask! Most people don’t realize that in addition to the 6-10 spirit guides we have, we also have angels, ancestors, and more looking out for us on a daily basis. They are just waiting for us to ask for their help!

I ask of you to first give your own spirit team a chance before you hire out to spirits who could or could not have your best interest at heart. With love, Ashley

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