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Asking A Psychic Questions About Someone Else. Does It Work?

Asking For A Psychic To Read Someone Else During Your Session

Hello friend’s, I hope all is well in your world! If you’ve stumbled upon this article then perhaps you’re an intuitive reader of some sort looking for help with your readings? If you’re not a reader perhaps you’re wondering how to get answers and insight on someone you truly love and care about. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

An intuitive reading is meant to be a healing experience and unfortunately, many people are unaware of this. A lot of people get readings for fun, entertainment, or to get clarity on a situation. After having their reading, however, they leave shocked at the information that came through. Readings can be fun and certainly informative but ultimately they are to bring forth the information that you most need to hear at the moment to help you heal on a deeper level.

When you go to a reading with a specific question in mind try to make sure you don’t have a specific answer in mind too. Of course there are things we would like to hear and get validation on but often times spirit has other messages for us as well. This is very common when it comes to questions that involve relationships be it romantic, familial, or otherwise.

You see we have this thing called free will here on Earth. It’s a great thing and allows for us to make our own choices but sometimes it would be nice to just get a little validation or push in the right direction. When I give readings I am always upfront about how spirit answers freewill questions, which is usually not with a plain ol’ yes or no as we would like. I do however do my best to get some type of direction from spirit for you while staying within my ethical boundaries. Let me explain.

Many people (myself included a time or two) invest in a reading with a relationship issue in mind. Most of the time the question has to do more so with the other person instead of ourselves.


Will he ever get it together and will we end up together ultimately?


My son is taking the wrong path what can they tell me about what is going on in his life right now?” Both of these questions have to do with freewill and reading someone without their permission.

Can it be done? Sometimes. Should it be done, ethically speaking? Not really.

Because I like to give my clients the most in-depth reading I can (while also bringing through healing information and staying within the boundaries of spiritual ethics) I have developed a little technique with spirit that I use in these types of situations.

First, I explain about free will, ethics, and tapping into other people’s energy without their permission. Then I ask spirit to give me as much insightful, healing, and guiding information as they can while staying within the aforementioned boundaries.

What typically happens is I am given two different scenarios that point towards the client’s life/outcome and not the other person unless it is an emergent situation.

Question #1: Will he ever get it together and will we end up together ultimately?

Instead of saying no and no they will instead show me a timeline and show me where my client is at along that timeline. Spirit might show me who she is with, the type of vibration she is in, and deliver any messages that she needs to know about the situation. I will usually ask spirit these questions two or three different ways to validate what comes through.

This technique allows me to put the focus back on my client and receive guidance for her and how she can find the best outcome for herself when it comes to the other person without tapping directly into his energy.

Question #2: My son is taking the wrong path. What can they tell me about what is going on in his life right now?

I’ve also had questions like this come up a lot and in various ways. This one is tougher because it points directly to another individual. Again I will relay the ethical boundaries and reiterate that the person has free will.

Then I will ask spirit to show me what I need to know about that person right now. This way spirit can show me if something is wrong and needs to be addressed by the other person. Almost like seeing their energy from an outside perspective.

Next, I will ask how my client can help the soul of the other person to heal. This way the focus of healing is turned back to the client, healing is still being provided, and insight is coming through. All without having to break unethical boundaries and barriers.

It would, of course, be so wonderful if spirit would just say: No, you’re not meant to be with that dude. He’s a mess. Leave him now! Troy, your lifelong bestie is who you’re going to end up with.

But, if spirit did this then we would miss out on so many lessons as would the other person.

So yes, you can ask these questions but know that any ethical intuitive or psychic will let you know about free will and probably won’t tap directly into another person’s energy for you!

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