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A Country Divided. A Psychic Medium’s Perspective.

Let’s talk about what’s going on in our country for a minute. It’s ugly and it’s controversial, but I want to give a new perspective… Maybe I can open some minds and open some hearts…after all, that is what this website is for!

Being a spiritual person and a psychic medium I try to stay in the highest vibration possible, at all times. For those of you who are new here, this means staying positive, staying happy, working for and towards the greatest good!

One of the main ways for me to maintain a positive outlook is to not feed into the news, the media, and avoid the “negative Nancy’s” on social media. This doesn’t mean I am uneducated as to what is going on or that I am naïve. I simply don’t allow myself to become enthralled in what the media wants us to believe.

The media shares what they want you to see and they try to sway the views and opinions of viewers for their own monetary gain…not for the greater good! Unfortunately, it works.  Lately the news and negativity surrounding our country has been unavoidable.

Recently, I’ve shed so many tears for those who have lost their lives, for what their families are going through, and for the division that is currently amongst us. I am sorry you have to live your life in fear of what your day might hold and when I speak I am speaking to all parties involved.

A Spiritual Perspective:

Whether you believe in psychics, spirituality, metaphysics or not; it is a fact that the ancestors of current generations of African American’s had a grueling struggle and were not treated as equals. For generations they fought for equality so that we could all be united and granted the same opportunities.

People lost their lives, fought, struggled, and sacrificed so that their children… and their children’s children could live the life they never had.

Over years and years of struggle and strife, an energy congealed and continued to grow.

Unresolved conflicts, unaddressed feelings, and emotions are bubbling up to the surface to be heard and felt at this time.

Energetically speaking, this is a clearing…out with the old emotions and in with the new. A shift in perspective and a shift in energy is currently happening. It seems like more people than ever are “waking up,” while others seem to be regressing. This regression is a chance to deal with old issues and hopefully heal them…to put the fires out so to speak!

Maybe this is the Universe’s way of letting all voices be heard and all emotions surface so that we CAN unite again. So that all people regardless of race, religion, or uniform can live at peace amongst each other. It may not be prevalent in the media but take the chance to actually physically TALK to someone; I guarantee more of us are united than divided.

I choose no side in this current division. I love all people …I love you!

The Three Major Things I Have Learned as a Psychic Medium

Love is the only truth.

Love is the ultimate truth people; it flows within all of our beings.

We are taught hate, we are taught to dislike people for their differences, and we are taught non-acceptance. The truth is we are all one race within, we are all universal love, and we are BORN knowing how to love. We all want peace and peace is internal love.

Find the love and you will find your peace.

I’ve learned that FORGIVENESS is the only way to set yourself free.

It’s not easy to forgive someone who has wronged you, someone who has stolen from you, someone who has broken your trust. As a society, recently entire communities have done this to one another. It’s sickening and it’s heart breaking.

Forgive not for the other person, but forgive for you! Let your soul be free of burden!

Forgiveness can be tough, but living a life of grief, misery, and heartache is no way to live a life at all. You were put here to live a full life; you were meant to experience happiness and sadness, but most importantly growth!

Let’s grow together!

The heartache and turmoil of the families and communities suffering at this time has affected so many across the globe, but sometimes this is what will bring us back together. Unfortunately it happened at the expense of lost lives…far too many lost lives. It’s time for all people to band together, if this can’t create the unity that is so needed what will it take?

A thought about forgiveness

The Earth has had tremendous storms that have whipped out entire cities… It was devastating and people were hurt and people lost their lives. They were angry, they cursed God, and they were lost.

Guess what happened next?

They stood up, they got themselves together, and they REBUILT! Let’s rebuild the unity in this country and in this world!

Forgiveness does not mean you’re weak and forgiveness does not mean you’re forgetting what has happened. Forgiveness is finding inner peace and allowing your soul to heal so that you can move on and so that you can be your best you.

I’ve learned Acceptance.

Sometimes people aren’t who we want them to be or maybe they aren’t who we NEED them to be, this is a hard concept to grasp. One of the most difficult lessons I have learned has been acceptance. How can I accept someone that repeatedly does harm to themselves… or another… or ME? How can I just accept that I’ve had friend’s pass away from drug-use and other friend’s continue to do the same thing? How can I accept someone who does everything that I disagree with?

I can accept them as they are because that is what I have to do. We all have soul contracts to fulfill and lessons we need to learn. Those lessons are going to be hard, hurtful, and at times even excruciating on your heart…BUT we have these experiences so that we can grow!

I accept you because… I am not you.

I have not lived in your shoes; I do not understand your struggles. I do not have to agree with you, but I accept you because trying to force you to be someone you are not, is a lie to us both.

This Earth is our home; we have nowhere else to go.

We need to remember that we are all one. This is our Earth and we all have to live on it together, so let’s love each other, let’s forgive each other, and let’s accept each other.

Send love to those you ”hate.”

Send love to those who have done you wrong.

Send love not to say “what you have done is okay” but send love because maybe they need to feel love, to be able to learn to love.

Send love to the entire world, because we need it.

Let’s forgive each other. It’s hard and we don’t understand why all of this is happening but holding on to it will surely only fuel more fire.

Accept each other. I accept you.

Quit letting the media divide us.

We are all one. Souls know no color.

I am you and you are I. We are all one.

Let’s raise our children to know they are accepted no matter their appearance, their culture, their religion, or their uniform.

Let’s be strong for each other.

Lean on me and I will hold you up; I don’t care who you are or where you’re from.

The kindness of your soul is all that matters to me.

With Love and Light,


Modern Psychic medium. Mom. Wife. Millennial. Lover of our Earth and all people.

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