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Hey! I'm Ashley and I am here to bring spirituality back down to Earth! Yay, you made it! You're finally here! Get excited, because you've found your go-to resource for all things intuitive & mediumship development! Here I talk all about spiritual understanding, reconnecting with the most vibrant part of you, and mindset transformation. Yes, here we do it all because you can't raise your vibe without connecting to spirit and you can't connect to spirit without raising your vibe! A little about me, I am a psychic medium, spiritual and intuitive development teacher, mindset coach, podcast host, mama, wife, and friend.  ​ From a young age, I was able to hear and see things that others around me could not. My gifts were overwhelming at times and led to a life filled with anxiety and depression. In my early 20s, I decided that it was time to get happy and understand who I was. I started learning all that I could about intuitive abilities, retraining my subconscious thoughts, and spirituality as a whole. Through this work, my psychic and mediumship gifts exploded! ​ After much self-exploration and self-discipline, I came to understand my gifts and I learned how to manage them. I now use them to help people to transform their own lives into something beautiful just as I have. I do this by connecting them to their higher selves and spirit team.  I work directly with my client's guides to get guidance specific to their path of spiritual healing and help them get on their path of least resistance.  ​ Put plainly, honestly, I am just here to help you get to your next level you - your next best version. The version of you that radiates happiness, confidence, success, and glows. Tapping into my intuition changed who I was. I became more confident, healthier, happier, and abundant in more ways than one. It changed my life and my mission is to help you understand who you are at your core.  It's my purpose to help you connect to your unseen support so that YOU can do the same with your life and BE your next level you.  ​ I bring spirituality back down to Earth for all to embody and utilize for the greater good! In other words, I explain how to tap into your intuition and change your mindset in a way that we can all understand. I take the woo out of the woo woo and give practical and relatable steps and guidance to get you where you want to go.  ​ I don't just say "you've got to do the inner work" I teach you what that work is and I guide you through it.  ​ Light, Love, and Spirit started as a way for me to document my experiences and journey with mediumship, spirituality, and self-evolution. The blog quickly became a go-to source for all things self-love, intuitive development, and spiritual connection. ​ Light, Love and Spirit is used to bring an understanding of how spirit and the universe support us beyond our wildest dreams. It is also a place to understand how to nurture and love yourself to enhance your self-worth and life using your own internal guidance system.

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Where To Start?

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Whether you want to learn more about your intuition, mediumship, or manifestation, I've got a course for it! 

If you want to deepen your connection to self and spirit I recommend everyone start with the Intuitive Development Course and then graduate to Mediumship Diving Deeper. 

Mission Manifest is a great choice for those wanting to understand how to use the LOA and make it stick!

As your intuitive coach, I will teach you to deepen your connection with your higher self & intuition by using not only my own tools and techniques but also those given to us by YOUR SPIRIT TEAM during your sessions. 

Each coaching session is done with your spirit guides & Higher Self present to crush barriers, deepen your connections, and help to get you on your highest path. 

We focus on life, business, intuition, mediumship, personal goals, etc. Whatever you need most is where your intuitive coaching package will take you!

On this site you will find HUNDREDS of articles on spirituality, manifestation, mindset, mediumship, and more! 

I totally recommend you search for one of the "clairs" to learn more about your own intuitive gift and how to work with it! 

In addition to the blog, you can listen to some podcast episodes to hear me explain, teach classes, and give insight!

Book an Appointment

Work with me and your spirit team to dig deep, reveal, heal, and transform! Coaching sessions with me involve your spirit team to get to the deepest layers and create lasting transformation!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? Ashley has been so wonderful to work with and far exceeded any expectations. Before I started working with Ashley, I was a little scared and couldn’t make sense of what I had been experiencing and I was very apprehensive about tapping into my gifts. 

Not only did Ashley teach me practical ways to overcome my fears, she also helped me feel “normal”, after a very intense clairvoyant experience. I love how down to earth she is. I wasn’t looking for a woman with a crystal ball (you know the one, with big hoop earrings and the whole bit). Simply put, I was looking for someone I could connect with; down to earth, who loved being a wife and mom, who was comfortable in sweats in front of the tv, but also had this amazing talent to connect to spirit. Ashley is all of that and more. In 5 weeks, I learned more than I ever imagined. With the help with Ashley, I was able to connect with my guides and higher self (from week one). Ashley was also able to connect me with a loved one and spirit, although the calls are not readings, I had some persistent spirits. ☺ She also helped me identify my strongest gifts and provided practical exercises that helped me get to know each gift on a deeper level. 

If you’re trying to decide if Ashley’s intuitive development course is for you. Here are my final thoughts. Intuitive progression sessions are SPENDY. Some cost 3 times what Ashley offers without the weekly calls and bonus group. You really will get the most bang for your buck! I know I did and I look forward to working with Ashley again on the Individual Coaching sessions in the Spring. 


- Jessica A.

Alexa Young, CA


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Ashley Strong - Intuitive Coach and Medium


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