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5 Ways to Dial Down Intuitive Abilities!

So often people think that being a psychic medium means that I see dead people walking around constantly and I can read your mind when prompted…y’all, this just ain’t true! I know how to dial down my intuitive abilities,  if you meet with any ethical medium they will more than likely tell you the same thing. Some mediums can and do see spirit constantly but this is often because they want too! I use my gifts when I want too and need too…that’s part of learning to manage them. If you’re constantly open and available to any and all spirits you’re going to get drained…and quick!

I use my gifts when I am helping other people, working, or I need guidance on a situation. I do hear from my guides all day errrrrday but I even have the ability to shut them out if I want too…though most of the time I don’t. Occasionally I have asked them to just give me some peace and quiet after a long day of spirit work or if I was just plain exhausted. You see when you’re a medium, you’re never really alone! All you want is a nice quiet night in with a bowl of popcorn, a chick flick, and some wine and next thing you know here comes Gillian the guide wanting to chat it up! Those are the times I ask for a little space; it’s totally ok to ask your guides to dial it down when you need some alone time and don’t worry you won’t send them away forever!

Learning to manage your gifts is essential when you work with spirit.

5 Ways You can Dial Down the Spirit Activity

  1. Set your hours of operation! Seriously, this is something I learned in the beginning from Amanda Meder. You have full control over your visiting hours for spirit, so set them! I prefer to connect with spirit no earlier than 8:00 AM and no later than 9:30 PM! Occasionally there will be a straggler or I make an exception but as a general rule, this works!

  2. If you’re clairvoyant…envision yourself taking off a pair of glasses that allows you to see spirit. If you’re clairaudient, imagine putting on a big pair of earmuffs! If you’re clairsentient or claircognizant, imagine putting on a suit of armor so that no one can get through! These are all great techniques, just don’t forget to put your glasses back on and take your earmuffs and bodysuit off when you’re ready to connect again!

  3. See a volume knob that goes from 1 to 10 and turn the dial to where your comfort level is! 1 being the lowest…no activity at the moment and 10 being the highest…you want to see hear and feel all the good stuff! Just don’t forget to turn it back up when you’re ready!

  4. Set boundaries! Set them in your home, in your work space, in your car, and around your body!

  5. Just ask! If a spirit is bothering you or you just don’t feel like chatting it up, ask them to step out of your energy field. Ask them to pipe down! Ask them to give you an hour of space to clear your head and then they can come back!

You don’t have to worry about sending them away forever unless that is what you WANT to do and if that’s the case…set your intention and tell them to get the hell out! Most of the time however, the spirits that visit will be our own spirit team or the loved one of a client…you don’t want to send these guys away forever but politely ask them to respect your space!

Do you have any problems managing your gifts? If so leave a comment and I will do my best to help you sort it out! On the same note, I love to hear from my readers and appreciate any feedback you’re willing to share!

Have a great day everyone!

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