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5 Steps To Empath Management

Are you sensitive to the moods and emotions of other people? Are you someone that can walk into a room and know that there was recently an argument? Have you ever felt that someone’s energy or their home had a “thickness” about it? If you’re answering yes to the above questions, then you, my friend, are likely an empath.

An empath is someone that can feel the energy of another being. Empaths also can sense the moods and emotions of other people, animals, and plants!

Empaths will take on not only the moods of other people but can also feel their sicknesses and ailments within the body. You may feel like it’s a curse to feel so deeply, and you may think it’s beyond your control. The thing is it’s actually a blessing as empaths make the greatest healers once they learn to manage the energy they take on!

You can learn to manage your empathic abilities so that you are no longer at the mercy of taking on other people’s pain points.

The best part about being an empath, however, is that you have the gift of tuning in to another person’s energy to help their soul or body to heal.

Many empaths are unaware that when they are picking up on energy, they are actually using the intuitive gift called clairsentience! Do you want to know a secret? When you use your empathic and clairsentient gifts, you can transmute that information into healing messages for both yourself and another person!

Using the energy of another to get information and guidance is called psychic reading! There are many different ways to get psychic information, but it all goes back to reading someone’s energy!

5 Steps To Manage Your Empathic Gifts And Strengthen Your Clairsentience

  1. First, you need to set physical boundaries! (FREE workshop here!)

  2. Next, spiritual boundaries! Protect your energy!

  3. Then you will need to learn to raise your vibration. (The higher your vibration, the more in tune you will be, and the more likely you are to sense energy instead of taking it on.)

  4. The next important step is to learn to discern your energy from another’s at a moment’s notice. Discernment will help you to clear other people’s energy out of your own. It will also help you to psychically read the energy to give you both the guidance you need. (Video on discernment here in the member’s area)

  5. Finally will want to learn how to expand your energy or pull back your energy and notice when someone else is doing the same!

All of these steps above will help you to fine-tune your empathic and clairsentient gifts! You can then use your intuitive side to help and guide you instead of drain you. I know just how draining and exhausting it can be to feel like an energetic and emotional sponge all of the time!

The steps above will help you to grasp energy management, but that is really just scratching the surface. Empathic gifts can be tricky to get a handle on, but once you do, it is life-changing! To learn to manage your empathic and intuitive side, I highly recommend the Intuitive Development and Progression Course. It has tons of videos on how to work with energy and protect your energy. The program will teach you to move past the fear of the spiritually unknown and will give you unique to you empath protection techniques. This video course will teach you to work with your spirit guides, tap into your clairvoyance, and so much more!

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